Adore Delano: “After Party”Album Review

Written By: Edward Ramjuse 

After Party is the second studio album from American singer-songwriter and drag queen, Adore Delano. The album was released through Producer Entertainment Group on March 11, 2016. Billboard had the exclusive premiere of the 13-song album, streaming below, before its release on March 11.  The album’s lead single, “Dynamite” was released on February 26, 2016 with the song’s music video premiering the same day. You won’t find anyone closer to a legitimate drag queen pop star than Adore Delano. With her previous album Til Death Do Us Party reaching the top 5 on the US Dance charts and just falling short of the top 10 on the Independent Albums charts, she has the kind of appeal that can drag in any pop fan. This time, however, Adore’s decided to capitalize on that appeal: Compared to the drag-adjacent style of Til Death Do Us Party, After Party sidles a little bit closer to the mainstream.

But what are Delano’s thoughts about the album: “This album was a long time in the making. I wanted to express the year after the party. I had a lot of success with my first record [Till Death Do Us Party] and toured around the world writing about my experiences and put them in this record. It’s very personal to me”.

The overall aesthetic for After Party is decidedly more mature, from its cover to the sound of the album. Even its lead single is a far cry from DTF: Dynamite’s seductive melodies and simple beat leave ample room for the accompanying strings to swell and soar throughout the chorus as Adore shows off her impressive vocals, selling the song’s sexual theme with a deceptively simple chorus hook—You’re looking dynamite. It acts as a good indicator for the rest of the album as well, as the title track itself is Dynamite’s more exaggerated counterpart, ditching the strings for a more aggressive beat and a whispered sexual hook—It’s my party and I’ll fuck who I want—that sits alongside the more seductive vocals of the chorus perfectly.

And in the end, this is the most endearing part of After Party. It’s not over-produced, and it feels like an evolution from Til Death Do Us Party without completely switching rails and going into uncharted territory. As an attempt at a serious pop effort from an artist that’s part of a threateningly small niche, After Party stands out as the most likely to go mainstream by far. With only one complete mistake across the album, there’s a lot here for Adore fans to enjoy, even if she’s not partying quite as hard as she used to.

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What is the “one mistake” of the album?


Hoo boy, do I disagree with that one. As someone who has been a fan of Adore’s even before Drag Race, that album reflects her perfectly. The reason the “drag adjacent style” is lacking, is because Adore moved beyond that. She’s not just a drag queen, she’s a drag musician, so it was quite a natural progression for her to step away from that. Fans didn’t flock to her because she was just another queen who sang about drag related stuff. (I’m not trying to start or fight or anything, I’m just very passionate about this album :))