Allison Weiss: “New Love” Album Review

Written By: Indiah Stinson-Johnson

Facebook: Indiah SJ
Instagram: BeyondEPIC_

Allison Weiss is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. She is an Indie Pop songwriter and performer. While growing up in Flowery Branch, GA, she began to pursue her own taste and style for music during her teenage years. Youth relationships and the emotional uproar that comes with it inspired her to write songs. With the talents being a vocalist, guitarist, bass guitarist, and pianist, nothing could stop her. Within due time, she released her first EP while attending The University of Georgia in 2007. She did a follow up full-length concert album about a year later. As we fast-forward into the year of 2015, Weiss was officially signed with SideOneDummy Records, located in Los Angeles, CA. Immediately after this happened, she announced plans to release her third studio album later on that year. On October 2, 2015, New Love was liberated to the world.

This album is alternative/indie. Considering the fact that this is my first time listening to any of Allison Weiss music, I am very impressed. The album is full of upbeat and driving tempos to keep you moving throughout the day; especially for the individual who went through the most heartbreaking breakup ever in their life. Each song tells a story about what she went through from the verge of the breakup, to find herself, to the years it took for her to get over her other half, to finding “new love”. The album starts off with the acoustics and drummer pushing the tempo in The Sound. In this song, she pretty much says that she is so in love with this person to the point that she is willing to deal with any type of pain her other half puts her through because she likes “the sound” of it all. Who We Are has to be by far my favorite song. I can imagine her having this conversation with another person telling them to not be scared, and to accept themselves for who they are.

Counting Down makes me think about myself lying in bed, staring at the wall trying to figure out what went wrong with my other relationship. It makes you reevaluate that one relationship that just could not get right. She pretty much comes to realizes in the song that it just was not meant to be and she did what she had to do. I love the guitar in Golden Coast. It makes me want to jump up and make moves, which is exactly what Allison is talking about in this song. Honestly, if nothing else got me hooked in this song, it was the chorus. Back To Me was also refreshing to listen to. For anybody that has been through a breakup that took them a long time to get over, or are still trying to get over, but still are not over them, this song is totally relatable. Good Way finally slowed things down so you can catch a breather. In this song she pretty much teaches a lesson that there is never a “good way” to say goodbye to anyone.

Out Of This Alive slows the tempo of this album down even more. This song makes you want to give yourself a pep talk in the mirror. No matter what struggles you are going through, it is possible to make it out alive. Over You is like the perfect anthem for anyone who just came out of a relationship. Motorbike was nice and upbeat, but I personally do not favor the song. New Love seems to speak on a refreshing “new love” that is unrealistic to believe. To end the album, The Same talks about how she got older and begins to notice things that made her wiser, and concluded that everyone has gone through many of the “same things” that she has/is experiencing(ed). Overall, Allison Weiss is a talented artist who is very relatable.