Blaise Moore: “LAURENCE” Album Review

Written By: Fletcher Bonin

Twitter: @Chillennials321

Toronto based recording artist Blaise Moore is giving us one more reason to love Canadians with her latest album entitled LAURENCE. Her sonorous vocals linger and trip beautifully through a synth-infused atmosphere. Moore’s immaculately controlled voice traverses seven equally magical tracks on this latest production. Her music calls to mind the likes of Lana Del Ray with its sultry undertones and ethereal, intangible instrumental arrangements. Her music is trippy and hypnotic, and utterly sensual on some tracks. She walks this fine line between polished and lurid perfectly and mesmerizingly. Her lyrics are irreverent and her tone transfixing.

LAURENCE is beautifully rhythmic and grippingly sexual in both over and undertone. This album belongs on your bedroom playlist as soon as possible. There are tracks on which Moore is barely singing, more like talking melodically during the intro. It is these minute and almost imperceptible moments that give the album its natural intimacy. Romance looms large as a theme throughout all seven tracks, and Moore handles the intricacies of human relationships with deftness and subtlety. Her music is hard to categorize, as it combines R&B with tessellating almost deep-house style beats. In this way she reminds me of Kehlani, Tove Lo or Halsey, modernizing R&B with these rogue and unapologetic tracks.

I find that the electronic aspect of this album gives it a sonorous unity, best enjoyed as one collective stream of conscious, especially with only seven tracks for a total of twenty minutes. Pushed to choose my favorite tracks, I would first laud ‘STUTTER’. This song is a slowly and beautifully characterization of a strained relationship. Moore’s frustration and irreverence comes through perfectly in her tone changes through the course of the song. She sings the refrain, “did I fucking stutter? Give you reason to ignore her? And now you’re on another lover, what’s her name?” Blaise Moore simultaneously embodies the stereotypical crazy ex-girlfriend and the alluring girl next door that doesn’t care whether you like her or not.

She is strikingly independent and her confidence comes through in the powerful maturity of each track. Originally released as a single, ‘FRIENDS’ is another awesome track, as is ‘HANDS’ and my other favorite ‘F**K IT’. Moore deserves more mainstream recognition than she is currently getting, as her music deserves comparison to the best vocalists currently on the radio. For heartfelt, satisfying music, I suggest LAURENCE for heavy rotation.

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