Brooke Candy: “Opulence” EP Review


Written By: Omar Stamp

Instagram: DarthNegrus

If Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, and Lil’ Kim somehow gave birth to a baby, and Juicy J was that baby’s uncle…that baby would be Brooke Candy. Only two American cities could produce such an aesthetically pleasing and ideal strangulating specimen all rolled into one tiny frame. “Candy” is from the one on the West Coast. Well on the way to solidifying herself in a top five conversation, amidst the usually stiff competition from female industry pop- artists, her EP “Opulence” is a strong example of how Candy is tossing these “…half ass chicks…”.

Of Jewish-Italian descent (she definitely won’t forget the Canoli), her parents divorced when little Brooke was just Eight years old. The extreme polarity between their lifestyles, one a pediatric nurse, and the other CFO of Hustler magazine, was the beginning of her self-described “obsession with duality” (Illuminati!?). Candy’s rebellious nature would take her through various walks of life, including sleeping in a car while working as a stripper; but she cleverly used her family’s industry ties to get an internship with famed fashion designer and businesswoman, Rachel Zoe. During this internship she contacted the infamous Larry Flynt, of Larry Flynt Publications (Hustler Magazine), and while she didn’t get the photographer position she sought (she has an eye for the ladies), Candy was hired as the mannequin stylist for Hustler’s storefronts; where she commenced “…dressing the mannequins slutty.”

 Of the growing generation of internet discovered artists, Candy used YouTube to independently release her first three songs: Das Me, Everybody Does, and I Wana F#%k Right Now. It didn’t take long for them to garner over 1 Million views, and in a year’s time, she was rubbing shoulders with the likes of Azealia Banks, Grimes, and Chari XCX, the last two of whom she collaborated with musically. She signed with RCA records in 2014, and immediately began working on Opulence, co-written by highly acclaimed producer Diplo, and singer/songwriter Sia.

The EP itself is five tracks, leaving no room for weakness. Right off the bat I’ll say that the sound is nothing short of hard hitting, especially for any “boss” bitch pre-gaming for a night out, or pumping up for work on Monday morning. The melodic bass lines always kick harder right on time (nothing pleases like a well-timed drop…), and the dirty highs always follow shortly thereafter. The overall sound and tempo of the tracks themselves are right on the threshold allowing more lyrical rappers their best wordplay and Candy takes full advantage of this. Whether self or ghost-written (it’s a legit question for everyone nowadays), her enthusiastic from the gut delivery, and harmonious talk singing of both the verses and hooks on this EP give the impression that she’s really, really “bout’ it”.  With lines like “Yo’ career took a catnap /you had that/now fall back, Jack/ cause Fagmob’s the new rat pack/and your callback ain’t worth crack…uh”….you can’t help but wondering who the juict girl beef is with (“Bed Squeak”). The sole cringe worthy thing on this EP is the fake Jamaican accent Brooke implements on Pop Rock…she’s so real without it, and it’s almost never worked in the past for non-reggae artists (Eg. Lil Kim’ – No Matter, Eminem – Ass Like That)

To sum it up, it’s awesome. The title track, Opulence, rightfully leads off and features Candy at her best, spitting hard lyrics on a nasty beat, with just enough vocal delay to make it stick in your head. The official music video is trippy; featuring a diamond studded Candy in all her metallic bra glory, a la’Princess Leia. Uncle Juicy would be so proud!