Cakes da Killa: Hedonism Album Review

Written by: Laurie Ann
Almost two years since his last of three EPs, underground rapper Cakes da Killa is back with another high energy, amazing set of recordings.  Cakes da Killa blends hardcore rap, hip hop, dance, and even some techno beats to create his debut full-length album, Hedonism.
Although Cakes da Killa has a blend of sounds in Hedonism, it interlocked well to create an  aesthetically pleasing story.  One of my favorite things about the album, besides the high volume energy level, is the way the artist meshes the lyrics and creates a seamless flow.  The first song of the album, which is also the title track, begins with a bit of a dour taste, “We find our protagonist sinking, drowning in his emotions and pleasures.”  Throughout the song, the protagonist, clearly being Cakes da Killa himself, seems to be speaking of an ending relationship. “Drowning in his emotions,” emotions possibly referring to hatred or hurt, “and pleasures,” possibly referring to turning his emotions into rap, and making music, something that he loves and has been doing since 2011.  The end of the track, proceeds to interlude to the next song on the album, “Keep it goin, keep it goin, stop playin wit it.”
From that track (Keep it goin) on, Cakes da Killa raunchily brags and boasts about his lyrics, and his rap game.  To me it is clear the moral of the album is how far Cakes has come in his career, and how great of a rapper he is.  I mean, the word “hedonism” itself does refer to the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification, so it would only be fitting majority of his lyrics revolve around his own self-gratification.  After all, he’s “here to make it hot from the womb to the coffin.” Cakes da Killa uses explicit lyrics to detail this, while also exemplifying his sexuality.
The one thing I would take away from the album is Cakes’ use of the word “Faggot.”  Being a part of the LGBTQ community myself, I have never been a fan of what I always saw as a derogatory word.  In his Outro, Revelations, he comments that “most of these faggots are irrelevant.”  Is he calling himself a faggot, saying he is one of the only relevant ones?  Cakes is definitely confident, and bold.
Hedonism features collaborations with four other artists, including Calore, Peaches, Rye Rye, and Josh DST.  All of those artists contributing to the zest of the album. Whether or not you like rap music, or care for Cakes’ hardcore lyrics, this album is definitely one to have you voguing in your living room, or bobbing your head in the car. Hedonism was released on October 21st, so if you haven’t yet been one of the many listeners, I highly recommend it!