Cherry Glazerr: “Apocalipstick” Album Review

Written By: Fletcher Bonin

Twitter: @Chillennials321

Let’s face it, Indie-rock is facing something of an industry decline as hip-hop, rap and EDM gain larger audiences every day. There is also the notion that all indie or alternative rock groups sound the same. In both cases, we are painting with far too broad a brush. This becomes abundantly clear after listening to just one track off of Cherry Glazerr’s latest album Apocalipstick. Released digitally via band camp, this eleven track project is guitar heavy and mechanical in all the ways that rock is supposed to be. But again, Cherry Glazerr refuses to fade into the background. While instrumentally the band is pure rock music, lead vocalist Clem offers texture, balance and harmony to their act. At only nineteen years old, her voice has a richness and power far beyond her years. While the guitar solos scream their way into oblivion, it is Clem’s intuitive and raucous vocals that give the band its unforgettable character. In terms of comparison, think Phantogram meets Modest Mouse.

On the digital album, the first track ‘I Told You I’d Be With the Guys’ sets the aggressive, contrarian tone that Cherry Glazerr has come to define. Clem launches in alongside the violently strummed guitars singing, “I was a lone wolf, I thought I lost my path” and continuing, “I told you, I told you I’d be with the guys.” This style turns out to be a theme throughout the release. The lyrics of each song are wrought with passion and pain, both factors contributing to their hard rock appeal.

But, once you think you know Cherry Glazerr and their style, they switch things up on you with tracks like ‘Nuclear Bomb’ on which Clem showcases incredible vocal control and range. She sings, in time with the swelling instrumentals, the refrain “like a nuclear bomb, like a nuclear bomb.”

My favorite song off the project, ‘Nurse Ratched’, however, combines both their innate indie and rock appeal. On this track, Clem rages against an unknown authority, singing, “She’s a wild one, standing next to me, she’s a wild one in a land that’s supposed to be free” each word imbued with experience and character.

Still not convinced that Cherry Glazerr isn’t just another indie rock band with funky lyrics and an offbeat female lead vocalist? I urge you to check out Apocalipstick. Just one track in and you’ll be convinced of their righteousness, their definition, standing out from the other modern rock groups.

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