Cigarettes After Sex: “Cigarettes After Sex” Album Review

Written By: Sam Wilson

Twitter: @SamNHWilson

Cigarettes After Sex is their debut self-titled album . It has been five years since they released their first EP I. and they have teased fans with a few songs over the past few years. The band are almost a mixture between the Arctic Monkeys and The 1975, so if you are a fan of either of those two bands, I really recommend you check out Cigarettes After Sex as soon as you can.

The album starts off with a song called ‘K’. which tells the tale of the progression of the narrator’s relationship with a woman named Kirsten (from where the K in the title comes) from casual partners to lovers. Despite this, the song feels sad and haunting, with almost ghostly vocals, ending with a hint to suggest that the couple are not together anymore and the narrator misses her greatly. Next, ‘Each Time You Fall in Love,’ which is a dreamy and airy track that captures the hope and doomed optimism of a man who cannot fall in love. The ethereal nature of the song perfectly captures the idea that the singer’s love is just a dream that can never be truly reached.

The next song on the album is ‘Sunsetz,’ a song which reminds me of a lot of Wolf Alice’s early music due to its ghostly and airy acoustic melodies. The percussion carries the vocals through it and the song is generally pretty catchy. It was one of my favorites in the album and its psychedelic tones created a summery vibe to it.

There were a few songs on the album which failed to impress me, these being:’ Apocalypse,’ ‘Opera House,’ ‘Sweet” and ‘John Wayne. ‘The reason that I didn’t particularly like these songs was not that they were bad, but just that they were far too similar and repetitive for my liking. ‘Opera House’ is the longest song on the album at just over six minutes and is possibly my least favorite out of the entire list. It’s slightly dull and never really progresses past anything other than a powerful-sounding melody.

That being said, there were several songs on the album that I loved and will definitely be adding to some of my personal playlists. ‘Young + Dumb” is the last track on the album and is the perfect finishing song. The song itself feels like it should be used at the end of a movie or TV show and really helps the album to finish up strongly. Next, there was ‘Truly,” which, although did feel similar to the more repetitive songs on the album, was chilled and mellow, making it an easy-listen. Yet, another favorite of mine was ‘Flash,’ a groovy-sounding melody accompanied by a deep acoustic that felt almost reminiscent of the Arctic Monkey’s song ‘Arabella’ during the introduction. It’s catchy and the vocals used intertwine perfectly with the instrumentals.

Overall, a strong album from a returning band which, although it felt packed at times with filler content, was generally a good listen and one that I would recommend to any people who enjoy the ‘indie-rock’ genre of music.