Cold War Kids: “L.A. Divine” Album Review

Written By: Melanie Pabst

Blog: Instagram: @Mellllanieann

Originality: (5 / 5)
Vocals/Flow: (5 / 5)
Lyrics: (5 / 5)
Production: (5 / 5)
Average: (5 / 5)

The first song I ever heard from Cold War Kids was “First,” off of their album, Hold My Home. This song was constantly playing, whether it were blasting from my car speakers, or through my headphones. I was hooked on that song for what felt like months. So, I looked into Cold War Kids further and discovered that that I was late in becoming a fan. They had been around for more than 13 years, and had 5 albums (now 6) that I would be catching up on. I checked out their other music and added some of their other songs like “All This Could Be Yours,” “Hospital Beds,” and “Hang Me Up to Dry,” to my playlist. I even went to go see them play live, and that really did me in. If you can see a band live, and they can make their music sound even better than it does blasting in your car, then you know you have a winner. That’s a nice rule of thumb I go by when seeing my favorite artists live. Cold War Kids is a band I can really jam too. So, when I saw that they were releasing a new album, I anticipated the release crazily. And once L.A. Divine dropped, I was eager to see how they’d follow up to their 2014 album, Hold My Home. I thought Cold War Kids were good before, than they released this album and left me speechless.

L.A. Divine is an album that indie rock needed. It’s strong and bold; an album that truly showcases Cold War Kids talent and how they’ve grown through their years of playing music. It’s their best album yet. Point blank. It’s good enough for me to say that confidently. The first song I heard off of L.A. Divine was “Restless” and I almost had to pull over so I could fully take in the depth of the song. It’s pure heaven in your eardrums. It’s a song that reaches down into your soul. It’s one of, if not my favorite song off the album.

Continuing along through the album, you come across songs like “So Tied Up” featuring Bishop Briggs, and “Love Is Mystical,” and you begin to realize just how good of an album you have before you. Cold War Kids sound more confident with their sound now and it really shines through on this album. “No Reason to Run,” has such an upbeat sound, mixed with Nathan Willett’s incredible voice, it’ll be on repeat for a while. I love it. It’s another one of my favorites from the album. I sing my heart out to it every time it comes on. They couldn’t have closed out the album any better than how they did with “Part of the Night,” and “Free to Breathe.” Both such freeing, lovely songs, they complete the album beautifully.

If you haven’t downloaded L.A. Divine to your music library yet, add that to the top of your To-Do list! You’ll thank me for it.