Conchita Wurst: “Conchita” Album Review

Written By: Edward Ramjuse from Kenya

Conchita was a much anticipated album that was released in 2014. The album was the beautiful work of Austrian pop singer Conchita Wurst. One thing was very clear from the time the album was released. The album could have gone one of two ways: a collection of sophisticated pop tracks or a pile of gimmicky and clichéd throwaways. Luckily, the 12-track effort goes down the former path. Conchita Wurst was able to put her amazing vocal talent to good use in the album. She cleverly used a blend of pop, opera and dance to come up with a good mix of tracks. Her powerful words were able to create inspiring emotions to her fans that was clearly evident in the impressive soaring numbers. The album was released by Sony Music in Austria.

The album had Wurst singles like ‘Heroes‘, ‘You Are Unstoppable’ and the famous Rise Like a Phoenix which was her winning Eurovision Song Contest track from 2014.  ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘, which became a top 20 hit in the UK. Fans were immediately hooked when they heard “Rise Like A Phoenix”, Wurst’s winning Eurovision entry, and luckily the soaring, empowering ballad found its way onto the album’s final track list. The winning track has remained in its original state ever since but in order to cement the powerful presence of the song and iconic status a little emphasis on the instrumental and background production was made.

It’s safe to say that on the record ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ was the best song. Not only was it the song that made Conchita the success she is today, the track was also very well produced and sounded like it belongs in a Bond film. If you had listened to the track then you would understand why the track had been a winning entry for Eurovision 2014.

My favorite song in the album, is the first track, “You Are Unstoppable” was a powerhouse musically that was ballad carried by an absolutely stunning vocal performance by Wurst.The lyrics were supported by ancient string instruments and one would expect it to be amongst the top 40 pop songs in 2014. The song had soft and sweet beginning that later grows into a roaring Celine Dion like chorus. With all its flash and glitter, and a hint of possibly clichéd lyrics.

My next favorite track is a huge change as things take a turn for the weird and slightly disjointed on “Out of Body Experience“, the track had an added tribal-sounding experiment that doesn’t prove extremely effective. In a Grammy-styled performance, Wurst described the feeling of love as a euphoric moment. “Shooting off like a meteorite, leave my body and I never come down, your loving got me buzzing all night, super real and I never come down,”

Wurst may use the persona of “the bearded lady” to stand out from the crowd, but she really doesn’t need it. Her beautiful performances across the album do all the talking especially when she released this album.

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