Sabrina Claudio: “Confidently Lost” Album Review

Written By: Christine Reynolds

Twitter: @CIntrinsic

To build one’s self up from single covers to an album has been a block – by – block building process for the 20-year-old Sabrina Claudio, who has stumbled upon a continuous niche that is currently ram packed with young – female RNB (supposed) starlets. The Miami based soloist is now a valuable contender amongst the ranks. Her voice has a variance, a silkier tone to its finish. Throw in a time – machine 5 years back and you will see a 16-year-old; confident, who was just setting her pace; being interviewed on Premios Juventud, and giving advice to young hopefuls: stating that she had been ‘singing her whole life,’ and that ‘being true to yourself was key.’ Now in 2017 you will see her boldly saying, ‘she is confidently lost ‘

There is no juxtaposition, ‘Confidently Lost’ comes at a time when Alessia Cara no longer remains ‘Here.’ Etta Bond’s edginess is raw and bold, but Sabrina’s package is pure sultry and salted, with all the elements of pure – sexuality probing the ear drums when you listen to some of her tracks. In many ways, Sabrina is the better produced/marketed package of ‘Charlotte Turnbull’ – I guarantee Charlotte is unknown to many, and what they have done with Sabrina is prioritized her feminine appeal in her music/visuals.

The beginning of this EP opens confidently enough, although, ‘Too Much Too Late’s’ starting sounded much like the opening of Lil Wayne’s – ‘Mirror.’ The slight sampling can be heard, or maybe it’s just my eardrums? This was my least fave track on the album, her harmony is passively seductive in the beginning and carries through to the end; slowly picking itself up as it goes along, but it’s a little boring if I’m honest/ repetitive in lyrics & nature. The next track, ‘Tell me’ does more justice and raises the bar. There’s more sulfur monoxide in the air. Its compound level is raised; her lyrics have a more venomous pounce, as does her carrying of the notes as she extends them beautifully and elegantly.

Runnin’ Thru’ lovers’ begins with a piano solo accompanied by her smooth voice – then enters a full – blown percussion. Its tone is up there with an upbeat/harmonious instrumental that is catchy and mainstream plausible. The percussion, the piano, it works. Confidently Lost,’ the EP’s title was another track that was lost on me. It’s slow, but it’s what RNB is all about at times.

Orion’s Belt’ was a sexual scorcher of a tune. Sabrina really amps her ability to captivate a true moment between herself and the man in question. Astral – projecting a message of what she wants him to feel. It has all the sincerity and neediness with a beat that wraps itself around your psyche. I don’t,’ carries a Sade vibe, a close – enough Sade vibe. It is delicate and tuned, and the backing sound to it adds to the ethereal effect.

Would I buy this? Probably, probably not. I do like this Ep. Sabrina is ethereal to a point where she can warp you into a simple listening submission. ‘Orion’s belt’ was so beautiful to hear; a sip of baileys, the taste of Lindor’s chocolate, it’s that good. The whole Ep was produced positively enough. It’s a simmering contender, and the album that follows will be received with both ears by me. I think 3.5 is fair, she is no soprano – and her level doesn’t reach beyond the same tone. There are better singers out there, but within her niche, she holds a steady spot.