Congratulate Taylor Bennett For Coming Out as Bi By Checking Out His Top 5 Songs

Written By: Fletcher Bonin

ILoveMakonnen wasn’t the only one to shake up the hip-hop community by coming out as gay last week. We all no Chance the Rapper, the artist made popular by his lyrical talent and refusal to be signed to any label. As it turns out, his brother Taylor Bennett is also musically inclined, and talented in a different but equally intriguing way. Taylor Bennett came out as bisexual last week, further proof that the once hetero-masculine dominated world of hip-hop and rap is evolving to a more progressive genre. Of course, is fully in support of this movement and we fully acknowledge Taylor Bennett’s courage in refusing to deny who he is.


Bennett is fairly new to the rap scene, though he has dropped a mixtape with some impressive features and a creative, modern style reminiscent of his brother Chance the Rapper’s work. Indeed, fans of Chance, (of which there are many), are sure to find Bennett’s jazzy beats and thought provoking lyrics to be pure, high quality music. Without further ado, here are five tracks by Taylor Bennett worth checking out.

    The first, and most popular track by Bennett, is ‘Broad Shoulders’. This song features his brother Chance, which no doubt accounts for the track’s notoriety and mainstream appeal. This track is characterized by a slow, piano backbeat and Bennett’s quickly spit lyrics, showcasing a heartfelt message of companionship and vulnerability as the beat builds.

The second track I would recommend listening to would be ‘Cake’ featuring the talented Talia Stewart. This track to shows off Bennett’s lyrical talent and ability to rap quickly even over slower, less expected rap beats.

The third track to add to your playlist is ‘Straight from the Bottom’, a track released as a single before his mixtape. On this song, Bennett raps about his experience growing up and breaking into the hip-hop scene, referencing his hometown Chicago and slowing his verses down on the refrain “I came up straight from the bottom, the problem kid is not your problem.”

It’s back to the mixtape for Bennett’s fourth most listenable track “Fall Back Fools” featuring Max. This track is slower, each word enunciated and resonating through your headphones, deep and powerful.

Bennett’s fifth best track, in my opinion, and by no means the last you should listen to by him is “H.Y.B.L. (How You’ve Been Lately” which features poetic verses and a slow piano backbeat, his voice rising and falling in speed along with his passion. These are just five tracks by the talented Taylor Bennett, but I highly recommend finding him on soundcloud, spotify etc. and just hitting shuffle.