CupcakKe: “Audacious” Album Review

Written By: Fletcher Bonin

Twitter: @Chillennials321

Chicago-based rapper CupcakKe’s latest album Audacious is exactly that. Like much of CupcakKe’s music, this latest 12 track release is complete with raunchy themes and explicit passion. More than anything, however, the album is fun and upbeat. CupcakKe is having fun expressing herself and essentially doing whatever she wants on this album. The beats are modern electronic and some of them even come close to EDM in style. This factor, combined with her confident, brassy vocals and rap style make ear-worm music that you can’t help but bob your head to. That being said, parental advisory is absolutely recommended on this one. I like to think I’ve become pretty desensitized to explicit rap lyrics at this point, and yet CupcakKe certainly challenges this claim with her themes and the words she spits repugnantly and, well, audaciously on each track. Seriously, while her flow is reminiscent of Minaj, her audacity and explicit lyrics go far beyond many of rap’s current hardest hitters.

But I certainly don’t mean this as a critique. In fact, I think there exists a double standard in rap in which male rappers are granted far more clemency when it comes to their explicit lyrics than female rappers. CupcakKe challenges this norm in a way that I find both talented and necessary. For reference, I’d suggest checking out the track ‘Spider-Man Dick’ on which she enters aggressively “his dick connected to my walls like it’s spider-man, my saliva don’t dry up even by a fan.” Clearly, CupcakKe has no qualms about coming across as inappropriate or controversial. This irreverent approach is exactly what brings life to her music, especially on this latest album.

My favorite track, and quite possibly the album’s most popular recoprding is ‘Lgbt’ on which she sings “fuck out the way when you see me, I’m rolling with the Lgbt.” This of course is in reference to the LGBT community, her association with this activist group being championed throughout the track. This song, as with the whole album, screams of her refusal to be controlled by any authority. This of course is what first drew me to the track, but beyond this the song is quite simply enjoyable. The backbeat is reminiscent of Thomas Jack with summertime deep-house feel. Anyone looking to blow off steam, head bang to explicit lyrics or feling otherwise rebellious to any kind of authority ought to set this album on shuffle then simply turn up the volume and let CupcakKe work her irreverent magic.

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