Demi Lovato: “Tell Me You Love Me” Album Review

Written By: Kayleigh King

Twitter: @TheKleeWord

Originality: (5 / 5)
Vocals/Flow: (5 / 5)
Lyrics: (5 / 5)
Production: (5 / 5)
Average: (5 / 5)

Well… I have heard of Demi Lovato, I don’t live under a rock. I’ve seen her acting, heard a few of  her songs and I have enjoyed them but I have never purchased a full Demi Lovato album before. That has now changed! I’ve heard a lot about her life and her experiences, I respect that, but that respect has not really transitioned into me becoming a fan because I always assumed her music was just fun and a little juvenile. I admit I have always had an image in my head of the teen Demi Lovato from the Disney channel and I know now that I have done her a great disservice. I started with the title track. ‘Tell Me You  Love Me’ was beautiful and showcased her singing chops that blew me away.

‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is my tune of the moment, and I don’t think it will be going anywhere soon. The video is awesome, not an over-produced piece of crap that a lot of videos are at the moment. The video is colourful, fun and works with the tone of the song.

‘You Don’t Do it For Me Anymore’ is a stand out track. Women artists are usually stigmatized for having ‘break up songs’ or any song in general that could possibly have anything to do with a romantic relationship. This track is stunning. The lyrics and vocals are excellent and shows an incredibly mature side to the performance and also the performer. Her vocal is absolutely flawless, and showcases some notes that firmly places Demi Lovato in the upper levels of females performers.

This album has a soulfulness that I wasn’t expecting, but I now  know that my expectations were due to my own ignorance as her past work is fantastic as well.  Each and every track is different but all have a thread of mature soulfulness that I do love to hear. This isn’t someone just singing songs that they think sound right. This is an album full of performances of emotion and experience. The vocals of Ms. Lovato do not need to be over produced or tuned as they are stunning in their raw form, this is apparent from any performance she has done live. If I ever get the chance to attend a live show I would jump at the chance, but for now YouTube is my friend and her live performances are a sight to behold.