Blackbear: “digital druglord” Album Review

Written By: Ethan Griggs

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Matthew Tyler Musto, who performs and records under the moniker blackbear, spends a lot of his latest release thinking and talking about cocaine. And bitches. And bitches on cocaine – all sorts of cocaine: the cheap kind you sniff in the closet of the club, the kind that makes your nose burn or makes you hallucinate – you name it. He’s doing enough cocaine in one sitting “to spell your first and last name”. In fact, there’s a reference to “cocaine, “blow”, “lines” or references to other drugs and alcohol on every single song on his new album digital druglord.

Featuring bland Chainsmokers-like electronic pop over mediocre hip-hop and whining rap, blackbear once again affirms he’s here to get high, fuck some bitches, insult said bitches after he’s done fucking them, leave them, and repeat the cycle. If you want one visual to infer what the music and lyrics on this album are like, just look at its cover: lot’s of drugs covering a faceless woman’s bare chest .

The music on the album wouldn’t be out of place in any modern club in the country. The slow and reflective opener “hell is where i dreampt of u and woke up alone” is one of the outliers on the album, driven by a mellow piano and crystal clear vocals from Musto. The following track, “moods” features rapper 24hrs and is your typical, run of the mill Drake carbon copy. He explains: don’t fuck with me because “I got two moods/Drivin’ and smokin’ or drinkin’ and Uberin’”. 

On “i miss the old u”, Musto laments about a lost love… even though he makes it sound more like he’s misplaced an object: At Warwick every Wednesday/Can’t control you/Partyin’ with rappers/Actin’ hoeish too”. Musto misses his girl, who left him for G Easy and two members of Migos. On the album’s lead single “do re mi”, Musto accurately sums up the rampant millennial misogyny with the line “You never had to buy yourself a drink/‘Cause everybody want to tap that ass sometime”.

But Musto doesn’t have too much time to think about this “ungrateful bitch” – someone he says isn’t worth the last 1% of his phone battery –  he’s got cocaine to sniff! But even that isn’t enough to distract him from the girls in the “juicy sweatsuits”. “Doing lines in the restroom/All your drugs to impress who?/Twenty-something trust issues, girl/Insecure about who you are/You’re selfish and you know it”. Musto knows exactly how to treat women: by calling them insecure and selfish in the same fucking stanza.

The “woe-is-me” mentality of “if i could i would feel nothing” provides a weird 180 to the major themes of the album when Musto laments, “All designer when we go out just so people know we rich/Underneath it all the truth is that I really feel like shit”. I guess it took lots of money, fame, and fucking for Musto to understand that lots of money, fame, and fucking isn’t the answer to life and the pursuit of happiness. On digital druglord, though, blackbear provides a remedy to all the complications and stress of being a drunk, purposeless millennial: keep drinking, sniffing coke, fucking, and – most importantly – keep being a dick to women!