Nnamdi Ogbonnaya: “DROOL” Album Review

Written By: Christine Reynolds

Twitter: @CIntrinsic

The best way to enjoy the aesthetic that Nnamdi Ogbonnaya brings is to blaze up, with the speakers to a mid-point section that allows you to chill as he verifies you with his animated and cartoonist approach. I’m not suggesting to blaze, maybe I am? But this album has 13 tracks and it’s simply weeeeed-tastic at a certain volume. Should I go on?

Nnamdi is straight out of Chicago with a style that is ‘Odd-future’ -esq. ‘The Internet’ would appreciate his mellow and interchangeable vibes that experiment with the sub-genre- free-jazz, rap, hip-hop verses and quirky electronic instrumentals on the backing. There is a lot of audio tweaking, auto-tuned directness, pitch, frequency – syncretisation with tracks like ‘Should have known’ ‘IVyTRA’ and ‘let go of my ego.’ A lot goes on in his tracks that piece together a mind that is hopping around space and alternate sounds: ‘Me 4 Me’ is a mixture of afro – influence and Nnamdi displaying a more human requirement, which is, ‘he wants to be loved for who he is.’

Nnamdi has worked on other projects, and like the artwork for his album – ‘Drool,’ his past work has displayed the same level of quirkiness and creativity he possesses. The album ‘We Gotchu’ has Nnamdi displayed as ‘The Vitruvian Man,’ and is a birthday present compilation recorded by family, favorite artists and friends. ‘Feckin Weirdo’ has lunacy written all over it, and artwork from Jay Rolling. The album was greatly received by fans as they took to calling him ‘Stylistic’ and ‘a music making juggernaut.’

Ogbonnaya is associated with other projects like ‘The Sooper Swag Project,’ Nervous – Passenger’ and ‘Monobody,’ and has other digital albums like the one which made me laugh, ‘Music..because I’m bored.’ This is Nnamdi: pure weird, out-there and loving it.

Back to the album – ‘Drool.’ My favourite tracks would have to be ‘No-Drool’ and ‘Hop Off.’ ‘Drool’ is just full of experimental sounds and high- synth levels that screech at you, with parts of the chorus saying, ‘I got music in my arsenal.’ It’s brilliant! ‘Hop Off’ is pure cool, the sort of cool that hipsters would bop- their- head – too, and probably play down Shoreditch(Inner city in London). Hop Off Homes! Nnamdi is here. ‘Notice’ was a track I replayed a few times, it reminded me of the old Timbaland, who is featured on the track because he produced it (it’s funny because that isn’t Timbaland rapping.)

Listen, the album is just… it’s just…it’s just…the Future. But putting aside that, Nnamdi has created a music parody. He’s mimicked a style that is owned by him. I would rate this album 4.5, why? Because I listened to this album 3-4 times; replayed many of the tracks; pumped up my speaker to 85% and wrote this article with the music blaring down the house. I wasn’t high, but this was a- high that could be enjoyed on a – high. I haven’t enjoyed an album this much before. I highly recommend that you check out Nnamdi’s other projects/ albums too. Happy listening!