Drunk Dad: “Feelings Party” Album Review

Written By: Kayleigh King

Twitter: @TheKleeWord

Originality: (3.5 / 5)
Vocals/Flow: (3.0 / 5)
Lyrics: (2.5 / 5)
Production: (4.0 / 5)
Average: (3.3 / 5)

Drunk Dad is a rock band based out of Portland, Oregon. They are not newcomers, they are old hands at their craft and they do it well. They know what they like, they know their music and they refuse to compromise.

Each track from Feelings Party is performed with a comfortable familiarity that can only be born from experience. My biggest take away from the whole album was the quality of the music. The instrumentals were fantastic and reminded me of the music I spent my teens listening to. Although, I was slightly put off that I essential had no idea what the lyrics were, they were swallowed up completely by the music, to the point of incomprehension.

The album is incredibly strong, but my favorite track is ‘Dirtbag’. From the beginning to the end of the track is starts strong and keeps going. It builds into a great piece of music, with a pretty good emphasis on the stellar drum playing. The title track ‘Feelings Party’ is a very close second for many of the same reasons. The instrumental performances are great and remind me slightly of System of a Down. ‘Feelings Party’ is also a great example of the vocal talent that Drunk Dad possesses, as it doesn’t get as lost as it does on many of the other tracks.

‘Cracked Glass’ is a track that I feel showcases the guitar over the drums, and I bloody love it. The talent is undeniable and the riffs are amazing. The vocals are completely swamped again but it’s evident the vocals weren’t a key focus for this track 

The track ‘Shock’ was probably my least favorite track on the entire album. It maxes out at a minute and a half and to me seemed a little redundant and a very strange filler. I dare say it could have been left out completely and it wouldn’t have any effect on the album at all.

They has been rumored that the album will be pressed to vinyl and I hope it comes to fruition as music like this needs to be heard on vinyl. Feelings Party is available now for purchase!