EARTHGANG : “Rags” EP Review

Written By: Kayleigh King

Twitter: @TheKleeWord

Originality: (4.0 / 5)
Vocals/Flow: (5.0 / 5)
Lyrics: (4.0 / 5)
Production: (4.5 / 5)
Average: (4.4 / 5)

The new EP from EARTHGANG is entitled Rags and is a prime example of how great hip-hop can be, and how rap can be a true art form when performed with heart and feeling. The vocals on the Rags EP are truly exemplary. The flow begins and remains smooth, always staying on a peak level and never dropping. Rap is its best when it flows with a crisp rhythm and is clear. The duo of rappers that make up EARTHGANG are incredibly talented and it is obvious they have a close rapport, born from mutual respect and a shared affinity for their craft. Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot are incredibly talented, each in their own right. But put them together and they are legendary.

The EP is comprised of 5 tracks, as is the normal length for an EP, and I loved each and every one, but I can’t help but want more. Usually, I find it easy to pick out a track that I favor over all the others but I can’t with Rags. Each track speaks the truth, and usually the bitter truth. EARTHGANG don’t concern themselves with bullshit or frivolity. Every sentence, every WORD is there for a reason and has true meaning, not slapped in to be incendiary. This brand of honesty is very refreshing, and in this day and age it is much needed. The EP does come with a parental advisory warning as it does include explicit lyrics. This is usually something that I find annoying, as some artists throw swear words around for no reason yet strangely that isn’t how I felt in this case. There were words that made me uncomfortable, but they were there for a reason, and always with a context that sometimes felt educational.

The music featured on the tracks is fantastic and it serves its purpose. The beats suit the entire rhythm of each track, with strong instrumentals that never intrude on the flow of the vocals which can be incredibly jarring for the listener.

EARTHGANG has also released music videos for many tracks, and I hope they will continue this trend for all the tracks from Rags. The quality is fantastic, and I do think that when a great video is available it can enhance the enjoyment in listening to any track. EARTHGANG’s Rags is available now, and is definitely worth a listen.