Freya: “Where To Go When The Year is Over” Ep. Review

Written By: Fletcher Bonin 

Where do we go when the world is over? Freya’s latest album Where to Go When the Year is Over both poses and seeks to answer this question. Freya, the musical alter ego of Tamara Westwood, presents us with a five track digital album. Her music website describes the album as “an EP acting as a vignette on how terrible this year has been and how much better next year will be.” Fittingly, the album doesn’t release officially until January 1st, 2017. All five tracks are full of the hope she notes in the description.

Her vocals are simultaneously eerie and pleasant, a sound that calls to mind Radiohead and Modest Mouse. The songs are darkly lovely, tinged with a hope that mellows them out nicely. Indeed, on the track ‘Twentysix’ the refrain is simply “sanctuary” while elsewhere she sings “cut me in, try to give me part of what you lost.” Freya seems to be weaving hope out of the dark themes that characterize her songs. In Freya’s lyrics I noticed especial beauty, as on the song ‘Predictions’ she sings “winter brings me back alive, I spring to action then.”

Her work has been described as ‘alternative bedroom’ and I couldn’t agree more with this description. Freya’s songs are gentle yet poignant, singing with a quiet passion. She is backed up by a medley of instrumentals that quickly become the soundtrack to our subconscious with their subtle and intangible energy.

The final track ‘A Long Rest After Staying Awake’ encapsulates this perfectly, as it is the only track off the digital album without vocals. Despite this fact, the track and the album as a whole remains a powerful collaboration of both sound and lyric. If you, like Freya, find this year to have been a disappointment, listen to her latest project. Find out where to go when the year is over, be inspired, feel hopeful going into 2017.