Future: “FUTURE” Album Review

Written By: Fletcher Bonin

Twitter: @Chillennials321

Before I even begin reviewing his latest album, let’s just get this out there: Future is a rare talent that deserves recognition and credit for generating momentum for Atlanta’s trap rap movement. Nobody makes the trap life sound as cool and intimidating as Future. There is something very real, appealingly true, behind his lyrics. With an auto tuned voice that sounds like the man in the moon hit a blunt, Future croons and utters noises over chopped up bass heavy tracks. His new album, dropped just last night, is a production of quintessential Future. Taking a page out of J. Cole’s book, Future’s new album has no features. It is pure Future, through and through, and that is perfectly all right with us.

Perhaps it is for this reason that his album is entitled simply FUTURE. All seventeen tracks are replete with loose bass instrumentals and his signature relaxed, conversational vocals. It has even been rumored that Future doesn’t write down lyrics. The lyrics seem to flow so naturally over the DJ Esco supplied beats that it’s not hard to picture him simply waltzing into the booth and letting the music come. I fully expect FUTURE to go gold in the next few days, and platinum within the next week or two. This isn’t really gambling, it’s just a recognition of how influential Future’s music has become in the past couple years. He has been at the forefront of the movement that made Atlanta rap played in urban haunts and college dorm rooms alike.

Every track off this latest production deserves being bumped late night as you cruise through Wendy’s drive thru post club. My favorite track, however, is ‘Draco’ which I’ve been enjoying since it was dropped as a single two days ago. Future raps, “you better not raise your voice at me, you know I got a pimp degree, Pluto, Draco season with the bookbag, rat tat, got a little kick back, hunnids on hunnids, got a good batch” over spacey and glimmering trap beats. A dissection of his lyrics reveals that many of the words are unrelated and the themes are generally the same from track to track. But Future’s appeal isn’t due to the complexities of his lyrics. Rather, it is the mesmerizing sensation created by his smooth and irreverent vocals.

Other tracks I’ll be bumping on repeat are ‘Rent Money’, ‘I’m so Groovy’ and ‘Massage in My Room’. Any fan of Future will enjoy this latest album, as it is a pure tribute to his unique style. Be ready for quotes from this album to pop up in memes and Instagram captions. Be ready for these tracks to be blasted with the bass turned up by that low rider with tinted windows. Future is capitalizing on his recent and continued success with his powerful new solo album Future.

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