Godmother: “The Girl With Golden Eyes” Album Review

Written By: Brandon Basile 

Instagram: @RestlessSoul13 Twitter: @RestlessSol13 Blog: brandonbasile.wordpress.com

Godmother’s The Girl With Golden Eyes is an experience of vibrance of sound.  The album was written, played, and produced by artist Austin Grothe and is a well aimed and diversely colored musical venture.  Grothe delivers vocals reminiscent to Nirvana and other 90s rock sound synonyms with added embellishments by multiple layered vocal harmonies of varying ranges.  The lyrics and song titles paint vivid colorful imagery of an artist dealing with concepts of depression, individuality, and battling to look at things on the brighter side.  It is something of a coming of age tale of teeter-tottering to find balance and one’s place in the world, but a lot more mature in concept and composition than that of teenage grunge.      

Even on completely instrumental songs with guitar songs like “Air” and with piano on the chilling “Capricious” Grothe weaves intricate musical soundscapes that are hauntingly bright while also being deeply full of angst and dissonance.  “Gloom” effectively personifies the universal sadness by closing with finger-style on an acoustic guitar or similar banjo or foreign middle eastern instrument that seems to be searching for zen-like balance but still with unexpected minor tones. On “JSM” Grothe sings:

But it’s not over until it’s over.

Just mull it over, over and over.

The silver lining, somewhere is shining.

The sun is rising every day just for you.

You can’t believe the words repeating in your head and you can’t wake up.

“JSM”, which is an acronym meaning Jade Stone Mask, is an aggressively soothing rock ride discussing the moments when you just wish you had a mask to hide behind so that you wouldn’t have to show the thoughts of the words going through your mind as they are written all over your face.   Grothe muses on ideas of balancing the emotions of life as she sings on “Restless Limb” “I live it every single day / Get high on every word they say. / I can’t believe I got so down.”

The Girl With Golden Eyes is a meditative journey into the worlds of music and melody with vibes to be had for many tastes.  If you enjoy distortion heavy rock grooves then this is definitely one for you. At times the tones sound a little too common though. With as much guitar lines and melodies as this one album is riddled with it would have been nice to hear more guitar solo moments to show more personality in the heat of the moment.   His choice of tones on clean and distorted musicalities still blend for a strong flavor that is a memorable frequency nonetheless.  Find full album on Bandcamp