Young M.A.: “Herstory” EP Review

Written By: Luke Belgrave

Facebook: Lukey Produce 

The name says it all, Young M.A.`s Herstory  EP is creatively exploring the rapper`s life from an aspect where no one else but her could reveal, and the first song, “M.A Intro,”  summarizes this. She makes it very vivid what her name is by using back vocals that fits perfectly to the beat, it`s clear the rapper wants her name to stand out and she does this superbly. The song also declares what she represents as an artist, She also raps about how she views life, where she came from and the growth she made in her career. She speaks on all these topics in a two minute intro, I find this to be really impressive because she made it seem effortless. The intro also had an addictive beat, the melody and the drum pattern really complimented her vocals which made the song even more enjoyable and I can appreciate this because most artists tend to have a completely different approach to their intro/first song on their EP, it`s almost like they treat it like it doesn’t belong on the EP, when it should be the opposite.

Young M.A. then expands on her theme with tracks like “Self Made,” “Same Set,”  and “Hot Sauce.”  They all had an authentic sound that only the Twenty five year old, brooklyn rapper could generate. Each track flowed into each other perfectly, it`s clear she did this on purpose to demonstrate a timeline of events that occurred in her life. The rapper also included events from her love life on tracks like “Bonnie” which she did solo and “Jootd,” which she had Monica featured on. She expresses her sexual identity on both tracks, keeping it genuine but still bringing her Brooklyn swag.

The brooklyn rapper has a wide vocabulary, which is one of the things she uses to her advantage especially on major projects like this album. She also has a knowledge about drugs and gang life, and I have seen this being displayed several times throughout the album but that’s still keeping within her theme because Young M.A. was exposed to these things as a child growing up. She also adapted an aggressive voice when she raps which is probably just another symptom of growing up in Brooklyn and she embraces all these elements then put them together perfectly on this EP hence the reason for the name Herstory and the way it was crafted made the listening experience unforgettable.

Amidst all the songs, I still find “ Hot Sauce “ to be the most outstanding track on the EP. It was produced by  Showtyme, and written by Young M.A., the way everything fits together is almost mystical, Showtyme really did a good job in envisioning how  Young M.A  would utilize the beat, I can`t find a single flaw in this song. With that said, my least favorite would have to be “ jootd “ simply because I don`t think it associated itself enough to the EP, I would have preferred listening to it individually or on a different EP. Young M.A`s  herstory is definitely a project worth listening to if you like Hip Hop music. It`s something I think most Hip Hop fans would enjoy and relate to.