Igorrr: “Savage Sinusoid” Album Review

Written By: Derek Tallent

Twitter: @DerekTee747 Facebook: @Derek.Tallent 

Igorrr is the solo project of the French producer Gautier Sierre, who is also known as being half of the death metal band Whourkr. The album features many different types of sounds layered over Sierre’s screaming vocals and spurts of a female operatic singer. If you think that sounds strange, you’ll be in for a real surprise when listening to this album. It bears mentioning that although the album utilizes many different soundscapes, there are frequent uses of high pitched squeals, guttural screams and death metal blast beats. If that isn’t your thing, this album may not be for you.

As soon as the album starts the only thing heard is Sierre’s strange screams. You can expect to hear that type of vocal throughout the album. The track then begins to go into a dark death metal atmosphere, with gritty guitars, deep bass, and slow drums. This is probably one of the most straight forward tracks on the album, as it is mostly composed of the death metal on top of Sierre’s often incomprehensible screams.

The album gets really interesting with the following tracks. It would be impossible to describe all the genres that Igorrr puts in his songs. Some songs feature dubstep, some feature smooth jazz, and others feature sounds from the baroque era. One track that exemplifies this concept very well is one of my favorites called Houmous. The track starts off sounding like it was taken straight off an old polka collection before a trumpet comes in with a winding latin jazz solo. This continues with drums playing at breakneck speeds until an electronic breakdown comes in. Not even two seconds into the breakdown the song takes a complete turn into an opera. This type of genre bending is present throughout the record and makes it incredibly fun to listen to.

Savage Sinusoid is a rollercoaster that will keep you guessing at every turn. The album can at times be brutal, beautiful, or downright confusing. But that all is part of what makes the album so endearing. If you can get past the harsh vocals and metal undertones the album is an absolute joy to listen to.

Favorite tracks: Houmous, Spaghetti Forever, Apopathodiaphulatophobie