Ikonika: “Distractions” Album Review

Written By: Kayleigh King

Twitter: @TheKleeWord

‘Distractions’ is the latest offering from London born DJ and producer, Ikonika.  Ikonika herself, is described as a DJ and an electronic musician and I must preface this by saying that electronic/dance music is usually not something I enjoy. One exception, ‘Distractions,’ an amazing album. I found it very easy to listen to and the tracks were all of a great quality. My naïve ears at first found it difficult to tell the tracks apart and find much difference in terms of tone, not taking into account the vocals. But on the second time around, I found that each track has its own identity. This being said I did find more enjoyment in the the tracks that featured vocals.

‘Hazefield’ is a prime track, featuring Sweyn J and  Jessy Lanza. The vocals are almost ethereal with an haunting sweetness that you can’t help but feel. If you close your eyes, there is an almost 90’s RnB vibe to it that makes you want to move. ‘Noblest’ is a tune that hooks your attention in a slightly fun way that finds you humming and singing along to it hours later. This is another of the albums strongest tracks, and I can see it easily being the most  popular. It’s supported by fantastic vocals from Andrea Galaxy and really hits a stride.

Ikonika has taken care to produce tracks that feature artists that accentuate her music and don’t get lost in her creations. ‘Sacrifice’ feels like a brutally honest track, and Jammz is a welcome addition. His rap, flows over the beat and hits every drop. As far as I am concerned the albums only slight weak point, is the track ‘Lossy’. I have now listened to it many times and it’s technically sound but there is nothing in it that catches my attention. Check it out for yourself in her latest music video release.

The same cannot be said for ‘Manual Decapitation’. It has an intense title, which suits the music well. With a strong beat, the electronic sounds are crisp and clean but also tie-in to the haunting quality that flows through the album in each and every track.

I have said that ‘Distractions’ isn’t the sort of album I would normally have in my rotation, but I am glad that I kept an open mind and gave it a try. This album not only showcases Ikonika’s talent as a DJ but also shows that she has a fantastic producer’s ear and long may it continue. ‘Distractions’ is available now via Bandcamp.