Jaremi Carey: “Fever Heart” Album Review

Written By: Mandi Lauren Nowitz

Twitter: @3icecubes

Okay Jaremi Carey fans, it is about to get a little less RuPaul and a lot more musical! Yes, Carey made a name for himself as Phi Phi O’Hara on the drag scene, most notably as a contestant on season 4 and All-Stars 2 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and gave us some great quotes from the show: “I think it’s so great that the help can sit there and compete alongside me” and “Riddle me this, riddle me that, watch out girls, this bitch is back!” But, underneath the make-up and seemly arrogant attitude (“You don’t need RuPaul to be big. I can say for a fact that people knew who Phi Phi was before I got here. So I don’t need RuPaul to say I’m sickening. I know I’m sickening. I don’t need her to tell me that”), there is a very real musician and that is proven with his album “Fever Heart,” going from arrogant to seductive in point 2 seconds.

One reviewer compared Carey’s style to that of Adam Lambert’s and as a Lambert super fan, I became even more eager to listen to Fever Heart and this is pure R & B Adam Labert-style with a mix of some slow jams (think Maxwell) mixed in. “Play” is the first track off of the album and it is sexual to the max but with smooth vocals that make you really want to play, pun intended.

Twisted in the sheets. Clothes are mess on the floor. It’s you against me. Baby I want it more. We can break the rules. Guilty in so obscene. Do it like you do. Cause I’ll do anything.”

It is pure Adam-inspired but just different enough to where you can love and appreciate both. The style switches up with “We Can Make the World Stop.” Still has think electro-pop style with the Adam-esque vocals but there’s something so mysterious in Carey’s voice. “Fly away without a cloud inside. Constellation lead us to the night. I don’t miss a thing we left behind. Safe and sound I’m in your atmosphere. The rhythm of your heart is crystal clear. Home is where we are, and we are here.” I wonder if this song is about Carey’s long-term relationship with Mikhael, who, as of spring 2016 were celebrating their four-year anniversary and got engaged. I love love.

Finally, with eleven incredible tracks to choose from, I had to hear the title track, “Fever Heart.” I feel like the song that you name your album after has to have this epic quality that justifies it taking the title; this was the perfect choice. With a remix, this could become a club anthem ASAP but as it is, I am amazed by Carey’s passion and honest likeness to Adam Lambert; it is uncanny but it is also amazing because you can never have too much Adam or too much Jaremi!Climbing walls to extend my senses. See your face in different places. I think my heart is in danger. I’m losing sleep with twenty question. Knees get weak, my new obsession. I fell in love with a stranger.” I am going to go ahead and say that this album is probably one of my new obsessions. From start to finish, Jaremi delivers in all the right ways, on point with his vocals and suddenly low-key but in a great way. If you have yet to purchase “Fever Heart,” I suggest that you do so immediately, if not sooner and trust me, you will fall in love with it like I did.