Kehlani: “SweetSexySavage” Album Review

Written By: Fletcher Bonin

Twitter: @Chillennials321

I can’t say enough about Kehlani’s latest album SweetSexySavage. I assure you it is all three of the things mentioned in the album title. This latest release marks a triumphant comeback for Kehlani and in my opinion is perhaps the best album to be dropped in 2017 thus far. Kehlani packs this latest drop with eighteen tracks with synthesized, upbeat tones, powerful, complex lyrics, and of course her sultry crooning vocals. SweetSexySavage essentially gives definition to modern R&B and soul music. It has all of the romantic and intimate themes you’d expect of R&B music, but now accompanied by house-style backbeats. There is a song for every occasion and for every person on this album. Play it while your pregaming, when you’re at the club, when you’re hungover, hanging out with friends, going through a breakup or falling in love.

Public interest in SweetSexySavage was first piqued when Kehlani dropped the single ‘CRZY’ which is a fun, upbeat “all the shit I’ve been through only made me more of an assassin, I kill him I kill him I kill him with compassion” and then the refrain “I go crazy!” This is a song about Kehlani’s rebirth, her redemption, overcoming old obstacles and facing down new challenges with a vengeance, very likely born of her own personal experiences.

My favorite track off the album, if I had to choose, is ‘Undercover’. On this fiery romantic ballad, Kehlani sings, “one way or another, I’m gonna love you, slidin’ under covers undercover, they don’t wanna see it happen but we say it fuck it!” Again, on this song Kehlani’s powerful, defiant tone is balanced by a fun, acoustic house backbeat, combining to create a melody that will have you head bobbing and singing along in no time.

‘Piece of Mind’ is a slightly slower, more intimate track, though equally powerful. She sings, “tell me that I was worth a million smiles, that I was worth a million miles” and  “at least I didn’t mess it up, that was all your touch.” She follows this with the clever refrain, “I’m trying to break off a piece of mind.” This song is clearly reflective, perhaps looking back on a bad relationship, no doubt coming out stronger and knowing herself better. Kehalni’s soulful songs are further emboldened by her incredible vocal range. SweetSexySavage is honest, pure and enjoyable music for every listener.

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