Kera & The Lesbians: “Kera & The Lesbians” Album Review

Written By: Mandi Lauren Nowitz

Twitter: @3icecubes

Kera and the Lesbians legitimately seemed to do everything, soup to nuts, when it came to their self-titled album. The idea that a band would have a name so “out there” makes them even more intriguing and taboo, especially for straight listeners who may not be ready to accept a band with such a label. It’s 2017; let’s get over it. Out of Los Angeles, the band considers themselves “bipolar folk garage r&b/soul,” which seems like an extremely interesting mix. It also furthers their shamelessness when it comes to, again, controversial labels like bipolar, a mental illness that causes super high and super low moments, affecting celebs like Demi Lovato, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and most notably, the late Carrie Fisher. Kera Armendariz always dreamed of being a rock star and, it was not until junior college, that it all came together when she met Phil MacNitt. Michael Delaney would then come on board and soon, they were making music, albeit one lesbian taking front and center.

Kera told this: “I feel like I am never in the middle—I’m either hot or cold. And that’s reflected in the music. I like the idea of it being quiet and sort of contained and then all of a sudden—in one second, shit hits the fan. I can’t operate in the middle, it’s too boring for me.” Despite the labels of “lesbian” and “bipolar,” Kera continued to say that: “Because, everybody likes to be labeled, but I find that sexuality is so free—there’s no point in labeling people. Maybe we’re getting to a point where we are loving people instead of just seeing them as man or woman.” So maybe shoving labels in people’s faces will make them think twice and stop thinking so much about them? I think it’s a possibility and with their debut album, one label they deserve is TALENTED.

“Nailbiter” reminds me of a smoke-filled jazz club that you would see in a black and white movie. lately i can’t feel or barely breathe. the air is suffocating me. i never mind your voice but at least i know it’s there.” It’s like you can feel the inner pain in Kera’s lyrics which blend so well with her smoky voice.

“Witch’s Tit” is a more jazzy and up-tempo song, but with the same breathy tone in Kera’s voice and intoxicating lyrics. “And I’ll try my best everyday. Just as long as I hear you say she’s happy.” We all just want to be happy, yes? “Balls” is a super somber song but there is no doubt that the band’s musicality is on point as is Kera’s voice. She flawlessly delivers a powerful performance on each track, accompanied by the amazing lyrics. You just need to take an afternoon and put on “Kera and the Lesbians” and feel because this album gives you all the feels and that is what makes for amazing artists.