Kevin Aviance: “Box of Chocolates” Album Review

Written By: Edward Ramjuse from Kenya 

Kevin Aviance can be described as the epitome of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé combined, both from his music and his costumes.  This album that was released in October 12th 1999 was my favorite when I was a kid and is still my favorite album till now.  This is the type of album will always blow you away with its sensational collection of music each time you listen to it. The album has a total of 14 songs. By capturing that energy on record, Kevin Aviance was able to take ingenuity, variety, and either a God-given ability to nail a jam on the first pop. Just like the two divas Kevin Aviance had decided to incorporate a lot of elements in this album, no wonder more than a decade later the album is still as intriguing as it were before. Now, chance and chaos are wonderful elements to bring into your album and music ethos, particularly when you plan to go in a live setting, but they take a counter-intuitively huge amount of practice and hard work to get right.

Falling in love has always worked better with a soundtrack and that’s what Kevin Aviance had done with the Box of chocolates. Allowing you to imagine that beautiful moment you long for with that crush might actually happen and suddenly compels you to burst into song. The same formula worked perfectly fine for the album Box of Chocolates. My favorite song in the album will always be Give it Up, the song has a unique exciting effect, especially when you listen to the lyrics as the song starts,

“I’m like a drug that will make you go crazy
It’s like a candy that I know you’ll find tasty
Chocolate love, good to the last drop
Can’t get enough, know you can’t stop

It’s only  fair to note that Kevin Aviance had done a very good work as a singer and was able able to work extra hard especially to make sure he had a strong voice. In a way, the album was able to provide his fans with a more direct route to empathy.  Box of Chocolates was probably an absolute riot to see live. We can say that the album release in 1999 was a stepping stone to the LGBTQ community, Kevin Aviance was able revolutionized the music industry with regards to LGBTQ and open doors to other artists. Who were the last people or group to really capture that free-form jamb and thing successful?

A box of chocolates is what many have come to describe over the years as a stunning elixir of golden age romance and timeless melodies. I am still typically addicted to this 10 year old album been listening to it like half of my life, I can typically do a master karaoke of the Give it Up song. If you haven’t heard the Box of Chocolates by Kevin Aviance you are missing the best gift that the 20th century got from Kevin Aviance.

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