Little Brutes: “Desire” Album Review

Written By: Edward Ramjuse 

Indie-pop duo Rachael Cantu and Harlan Silverman, otherwise known as Little Brutes, released their third EP, “Desire,”  in 2015. “Desire” was a jolly, five-song collection that will make getting ready for those early mornings a little more enjoyable.

Desire” was a bit different from Little Brutes’ past material. It shied away from folk melodies in favor of a more pop-synth sound. It’s teeming with guitars, handclaps, a heartbeat-like drum and Cantu’s sweet, friendly vocals. The EP contained a few head-bob-inducing tracks. Cantu’s voice meshed beautifully with the catchy, entrancing backbeats. When listening, you couldn’t help but compare Little Brutes to HAIM.

Make Our Own Way,” which turned out to be a crowd pleaser, was the theme song for the NBC show “One Big Happy,” which premiered in March of 2015. Like the rest of the songs on the release, it’s upbeat and contains lots of finger snaps, guitar and encouraging lyrics. “Make Our Own Way” was the lead single on Los Angeles-based pop duo Little Brutes’ new EP “Desire” and proved to be a wonderfully infectious little ditty.

Real Thing” was another solid track. The drum beats certainly encouraged dancing — it was one of the more upbeat songs, and came out faster and less melodic than the others. That’s not to say that the remaining tracks — “Carefully,” “Wait for Me,” and “Desire” — were meant to be ignored. Each had its own catchy qualities that lend themselves too many different types of music, “Desire” is catered to pop, indie and electro fans alike.

Bottom line, Silverman and Cantu had definitely done inspired work on their own, but the collaboration figures to take them to the next level. “Desire” is the perfect collection of songs to listen to on a rainy day when you’re snuggled inside with a good book or in need of a little encouragement on a dreary morning. Some of the songs can be slow at times, but this EP is worth the time.

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