Megatronic: “Bad Girl, Good Intentions” Album Review


Written By: Indiah Stinson-Johnson

Facebook: Indiah SJ
Instagram: BeyondEPIC_

Megatronic by far is one of the most unique I have heard yet. The story of Megatronic began in 2007 when Marcus Price, a veteran producer, introduced the world to Swedish ghetto tech. He began to push the boundaries even more for Swedish Hip Hop in 2008 with the assistance of his team Safe House Staff, and also with the release of his album in 2009. When 2011 hit, Megatronic, also known as Megane Quashie, was formed.

In 2012 Quashie was a solo artist who was getting most of her fame with British/French electro pop band, Black Cherry. Although her success was wonderful, she began to feel the need to develop her own sound. As she built up her confidence on that with being on the remix for Sweet Rosy, she soon met Marcus Price, thus the beginning of MEGATRONIC.

On her newest album, Bad Girl, Good Intentions, I must say I was not ready for the way it started; and I mean that with all positive thoughts. For one, the album cover is pretty bright, so it definitely caught my attention. The way Oi Oi starts is powerful with the bass thumping and the techno playing in the background. When I hear her spit her lyrics, I can already tell that she has a hardcore side about herself, and I like it. This first song has nice bounce to it that makes me want to move. Her nonchalant attitude is probably why she has the fans she has now because she keeps it real by speaking what is on her mind.

The beginning to Delicate really gives that techno beat that so many people love and enjoy. I can already tell this is one of those songs you would hear at some party or club. It really makes you want to dance. Now all you have to do is learn the words. Oh and don’t get me started on how the beat drops and slows it down a little bit. After that she picks the tempo back up. Her voice with the harmony in the chorus is so pleasant to hear as well. If you really listen to the words, it puts you deeper in the song. Some people that I know would probably like to say “it’ll get you lost in the sauce.”

See already with the bass bumping in Trust Me makes me want to pop a little. This song focuses more on the techno beat as well more so than the lyrics. Considering the fact that I live in America, I really do enjoy her accent because I don’t get to hear it often. I say that more so because she does a lot of talking and just lets the beat ride out for most of the song.

Although I have a “bum”, I still love No Bum because she really does embrace her physical features. This song is a great example of her speaking her mind. Just with the funky upbeat, makes every girl want to get up and start shaking her booty. No matter what curves, or no curves, this song could potentially be another girl’s anthem.

To end the album, we get to listen to her song It’s Meg where you hear the whispers with the drums playing to make you want to move a little. I like how it seemed to sound like there is an orchestra playing all throughout the song; that gives the song a little more flavor. In this song, she definitely speaks her mind on a pet peeve of hers by saying “you don’t know my name.” I love how at the end of the song, she slows it back down for grinding feel. She definitely makes it clear at the end of this song that you need to know her name.

Overall, I definitely give an applause to this artist because she did her thing. I love the sassiness about her. She speaks her mind without being so obnoxious about it. The album title truly does speak for itself. Both thumbs up for this one. I definitely look forward to hearing more of her work later on in the future.