Michele Nox: Interview & “Monolift” Album Review

Written By: Fletcher Bonin

Twitter: @Chillennials321

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Canadian recording artist Michele Nox. Nox is very much on the rise after being mention in The Fader as one of the 13 artists to watch in 2017. Her music is described on michelenox.com as follows:

“Michele’s music resonates in the aching heart, but it is a well far deeper than simple romance. Her songs evoke the agony of love, the obsessions and self-destruction of the ego, the vain longing for meaning. Whether backed by raw guitar or awash in transcendent electronic swells, Michele’s voice is the constant. It is that piercing light in the fog, beckoning you to take the risk of feeling deeply. ‘I used to be afraid of using my voice, so I would drown it in effects. Now instead of shielding and putting up masks, I want to be heard.’ Michele has an extensive and growing catalog of collaborative projects, including runway soundtracks for fashion designer Rad Hourani, projects with house producer Jacques Greene, and a NOWNESS feature video with creative director Melissa Matos.”

Monolith is intensely expressive and deep. Take the first track of the album for example, ‘Poison’. This track is ethereal and in many ways haunting, complete with Nox’s effervescent breathing through each lyric before launching into a high falsetto. Michelle’s voice echoes against soothing back-beats, the kind that might be found in a massage parlor.

Personally, my favorite track is ‘Heaven’. This song is not as alternative as the others on the album, following a more mainstream construction with steady guitar rhythm and Michelle’s swelling vocals. However, my appreciation for this song comes from the combined eastern and western feels. While the guitar conjures imagery of Americana and perhaps the days of the wild west, the incorporation of the sitar gives the song texture and character, making it far more interesting and captivating. If you hunger for something pleasingly different to accompany you on your next mediation quest, look no further than Monolith.

Is there a genre that you believe your music fits into, or do you prefer to self-define your work? If so, what would you call your genre?

Michele Nox: I feel pop experimental would explain it well enough for now.

As a native of Montreal, Quebec, do you feel any urgency to break into the music scene of the United States? Or, do you prefer to focus on establishing yourself within Canada’s own growing music scene?

MN: I never felt attached to any particular scene in Montreal or anywhere really so there wouldn’t be much to break out of or into, but wherever I go I plan on taking my music with me. I’m interested in London, Japan and Spain. I’ll be spending time recording in New York come spring so I guess we’ll see what happens there.

At what point would you decide that you’ve ‘made it’? In other words, how do you measure your own success?

MN: When I own a home on a mountain with a cute white doberman named Zuzu and a whole floor with a recording studio that I can lock myself into. More importantly, when I feel I’ve connected with as many people this life allows me. 

You were recently featured in The Fader as one of the top 13 artists to watch in 2017, What is your reaction to this? Does this make you feel any added pressure going into the new year as far as your music production?

MN: I was really grateful. I don’t feel pressured, I feel excited to finally share and communicate my work to a larger audience. I’ve been writing music for a long time and I love producing. I feel whatever I produce will come from a place loaded with passion so whoever wants to be a part of that is welcome to follow me. 

Is there anything else that fans can look forward to as far as your career, in music and otherwise, in the upcoming months?

MN: Transformation. I believe in shape shifting through sound and vision. I like jumping into different genres and exploring. I’m looking forward to collaborating with visual artists and releasing some B-sides from my last album ‘Monolith’.


If you haven’t heard of Michele Nox yet, you will very soon. Each song is simultaneously a lament and a celebration, lyrics drawn from both the spirit world and personal experience. For a taste of her passionate and wondrous musical styling, be sure to check out her latest album Monolith here:

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