Missy Elliott New Single “I’m Better” Review

Written By: Fletcher Bonin

Twitter: @Chillennials321

We haven’t heard from Missy Elliott since the early 2000’s, but with her latest release ‘I’m Better’ she fits right into the current rap scene, literally not missing a beat despite her long awaited return to the studio. ‘I’m Better’ channels Atlanta’s trap rap scene. The beat is slow, chopped and creeping with plenty of opportunities for birdcalls and whoops over the beat. The song is reminiscent of a Gucci Mane or Migos style beat with it’s slow pace and heavy, perfectly timed drops. The track also features rapper Lamb who provides further trap bars to the track and complementing Missy Elliott’s performance perfectly. Lamb sings a drawling hook, spitting, “I started from the bottom, show you how to flip a dollar…another day another chance, I wake up I wanna dance, as long I got my friends, I’m better, I’m better, I’m better!” Elliott joins him on the bridge, singing, “yea he got bands in the bando, missy got dudes in Orlando, plus he got cars that I’m paying for, maybe I be too much to handle, he watching me like he’s watching scandal, but I’m just here with my girls,” accompanied by a healthy dose of autotune for further listener enjoyment.

The lyrics clearly make references common to the Atlanta rap scene. In this way, Missy Elliot cashes in on the hottest trend in rap right now. Her sultry vocals work as well with these new rugged trap beats as they did on the smooth, bouncing beats of the early 2000’s. Elliott is no one trick pony, showing on this track just how versatile and talented she can be. ‘I’m Better’ is Missy Elliott’s victorious return to the rap scene, proving that she is more than just simply ‘still relevant’, but a force to be reckoned with.

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