Mondo Cozmo: “Plastic Soul” Album Review

Written By: Kayleigh King

Twitter: @TheKleeWord

Plastic Soul is the debut album from Mondo Cozmo, the singer-songwriter from Philadelphia. The album has a vein of rock that runs through every track on the album, but each track has a variation on them, that bend the genre slightly. Small influences such as country and folk are present on the album that help to add extra dimensions to the sound. These dimensions are bolstered by clever use of backing vocals, and other nuances that only enhance the sound.

The title track, ‘Plastic Soul’ is an incredibly strong start and a fantastic track. There is an easy-going vibe about it, which carries you away. You find your self getting lost in the soulful vocals that flow along with the simple but impressive instrumentals. I was not familiar with Mondo Cozmo before today, yet when I listened to the album there was an instant feeling that I cannot describe as anything less than recognition. It’s almost as if I have heard it before, but in the best way.

My favorite track of the entire album is the track, ‘Automatic’. The push/pull of the vocals versus the music makes for a very compelling listen. This track is a fantastic anthem, and is the sort of song I want to sing along to in a stadium, along with 60,000 other people. This feeling is also shared when I listen to ‘Shine’. ‘Shine’ begins with a guitar introduction, and it has a slight country feeling that works with the folky rock vibe of the whole album. As mentioned, I feel that it shares anthem status with ‘Automatic’, this is enhanced on this track by the great background vocals that already make you feel like you are a part of a huge sing-a-long.

‘Chemical Dream’ reminded me of Coldplay, which is only to say that the vocals are built wonderfully over the almost electronic sounding composition. Although I enjoyed this track, for me it felt like the weakest on the album compared to the rest of the tracks, as it didn’t seem to keep in with the flow of the album. Mondo Cozmo’s ”weakest” is much better than a great many artists could hope to produce.

I believe that music is a powerful force, to help, heal and also stir the individuals that are listening. Even though I don’t know Mondo Cozmo. I feel that this is something we agree on. Plastic Soul has all the makings of a classic, and is available now.