Check Out Mothertapes: New Music Video “Do Make Say”

Written By: Ethan Griggs

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A hotdog banquet for one. That may not sound appealing to you (or me) but it seems like something that Portland indie duo Mothertapes enjoy partaking in, as it is the concept for the video of for their newest single, “Do Make Say”. The video starts out with lead singer Pete Bosak over indulging on hotdogs for what seems like months by himself with no competition around, growing out his beard and hair. Throughout the video there are short clips showing Pete running up a mountain with a briefcase. When he gets to the top, he opens the case to reveal another. fucking. hot dog. Pete is trying to escape his inner demons; but finds that he can’t run away from his self inflicted over consumption, and concludes with eating the last hot dog as the bread gets soggy from his tears, finding out that it really doesn’t get easier with time. The shimmering guitar lines catch your ear right at the beginning of the song, and the rest is filled by fuzzed out synth-bass and a catchy melody. This particular song is on par with similar songs from acts like Maps and Atlases. It’s a great synth-pop song with bubblegum hooks. “Do Make Say” makes for a great introduction to this band and it definitely encourages the listener to check out the rest of the album.