Mykki Blanco: “Mykki” Album Review

Written By: Ronnie

His real name is Micheal Quattlebaum Jr, but he goes by his androgynous alter ego Mykki Blanco, and he his known in the gay scene as a poet who has a edgy but enticing way with words! He is also something we barely see in this industry, he is true to himself and despite some haters he also revealed to the public he is HIV positive, something most straight rappers won’t have the balls to say!

But despite this Mykki is a very talented, he has the personality of Boy George but the bars of Kendrick Lamar, and Mykki has mixed all this with some raw ass beats and made his first full length album appropriately titled “MYKKI”, and he delivers with 13 tracks (2 interludes) expressing his rhymes in a uncensored and unhinged way!

Tracks like “Im In The Mood”, “Loner”, “My Nene” and “The Plug Won’t” are truly some of the standouts from this album, it’s LA gay pride mixed with the trap house in Compton, its has that beat kinda similar to Kendrick or J-cole but the rhymes aren’t rainbow tainted, but actually come from the heart and get you turnt up at the same time! “High School Never Ends” is something most of us can relate to, and then another track which definitely has West Hollywood gay club written allover it (and Perhaps my fav) “For The Cunts” is truly a banger, and it’s brash title kinda makes it better!

8.2/10…..Overall I do believe Mykki might not be mainstream but his creativity and poetic-ness definitely makes him a standout and also gives the LGBT community something we can relate to…..


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