Nakhane Touré: “Brave Confusion” Album Review

Written By: Edward Ramjuse from Kenya

There is nothing as intriguing as an abstract title of an album; it immediately sparks the curiosity in you. You are quickly prompted to rush to iTunes and get that song. Well that’s what Brave Confusion by Nakhane Toure did to me. Just who is Nakhane Touré, and why is his debut album Brave Confusion causing such a stir? Does the music justify the hype?

Nakhane Toure an openly gay pop star from the rural Eastern Cape, creating modern South African music with timeless international influences. When I first listened to the Brave confusion by Nakhane Toure I had an amazing sensation. The experience is called frisson (the sensation, known as a skin orgasm, produces a feeling of pleasure so intense it can be felt all over their body, can produce trembling, sweating and even arousal). The track treads the concepts of confusion being brave and bliss. It’s the perfect introduction to the musical transition. Nakhane doesn’t try to re-invent the wheel, nor do anything too complicated. It’s a brave leap into the world of music for this superbly talented lad from the Eastern Cape, whose humility and serenity is something you can feel in every song.

As I listened to the tracks in the album I noticed that Nakhane Toure plays with the idea of being – unsurprisingly – a forger, or someone creating imitations or copies and re-imagines them as the creator of something that’s no longer real. Something that very few artists around the world are able to do. As you go deeper into the lyrics you realize that the album itself is anything but a forgery, and more of a musical confessional, full of fascinating insights and ideas. Nathan Toure makes his own music the way he wants to, and he’s not scared about conforming. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, and its emotional authenticity.

So what exactly is Brave Confusion about?  Brave Confusion is about this humble musician battling some fiercely raging inner demons of love, sexuality, religion and most importantly faith, with an equally fierce vigor which sets your ear drums alight from the word ‘go’.

Through all of this, Nakhane Toure’s voice continues to shine, illuminating his innate talent with rich lyrics that adapt to the cultural climate of the times right now. The album takes you into the mind of one of the most exciting singer songwriters. The songwriter and singer is a big inspiration to the LGBTQ community in Africa and around the world. As clichéd as it may sound, it’s important artists vocalize their issues with sexuality: we still live in a world where people are vilified for their sexuality. Throw away the preconceived binaries of black/white, rural/urban, gay/straight, local/foreign – here’s just a guy, his voice and his guitar.

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