Needles//Pins: Good Night, Tomorrow

Written By: Derek Tallent

Twitter: @DerekTee747 Facebook: @Derek.Tallent 

Needles//Pins is a power-thrash punk trio hailing from Vancouver, Canada. The band takes inspiration from the punk genre, while also taking some notes from the thrash metal genre as well. The band’s overall sound on their latest release, Good Night, Tomorrow is very interesting with a sharp contrast between the bright chords and riffs with the gruff, raspy vocals. The beats and rhythms are very typical of the punk genre, so those who are familiar with this style of music should feel right at home.

The band follows a very similar formula throughout the album. There will usually be a few seconds of a riff or idea before going into the main verse and chorus structure. Most of the songs features constant strumming of chords and bass notes, with a solid and steady beat played on the drums. This is pretty typical of most punk genres, although some songs do hasten a bit.

The lyrics throughout the album seem to be more personal and relatable than many punk bands, which does make the band stand out. There is nothing crazy or complicated about the lyrics, and there didn’t seem to be much politicization from what I heard. The songs mainly focus on the struggles of everyday life, and the obstacles that so many of us face on a regular day.

If I had any criticism about the album, it would be that it can become a little repetitive and one note at parts. I think Needles//Pins has a solid songwriting formula, but the formula is used so much that some songs tend to bleed together and sound the same. There are times when it sounds like the band is taking a different turn like in the intro to Time and Tide, but the band just falls back to their typical riffs. I would’ve loved to see these musical ideas explored more than them being a simple intro, but I do have to recognize that stripped down instrumentation is par for the course with punk. I also would have liked to see slightly different soundscapes used, as most songs involved bright sounds and poppier riffs. It would have been great to see a darker and heavier sound in a few songs.

Overall Needles//Pins was successful in writing a rock solid punk album, with catchy riffs, relatable lyrics, and a really unique vocal contrast. Although Good Night, Tomorrow can get a bit repetitive, their formula is a good one. For those who are fans of punk and its sub-genres, this album would be a great listen.