NF: “Perception” Album Review

Written By: Melanie Pabst

Blog: Instagram: @Mellllanieann

Originality: (4 / 5)
Vocals/Flow: (4 / 5)
Lyrics: (4 / 5)
Production: (4 / 5)
Average: (4 / 5)

There’s just something about a solid, hip hop artist. Someone who’s raw verses can cause my body to erupt into goosebumps. It’s a true art form. So, finding an artist with this talent, is always a good moment. Coming across NF was no different. I first heard “Wake Up,” by him and loved the song enough to check out more of his stuff, and then his story. The more you listen to him, the more you feel you get a glimpse into his life and his understanding. It’s a beautiful and painful story he tells through his music, but he’s the only one who can tell it.

Nathan John Feuerstein, more commonly known by his stage name NF first broke through into the music scene in 2014, releasing his self-titled debut EP. He’s used his emotional truths and heartaches as the foundation of his music. Since then, the 26-year-old rapper from Gladwin, MI has continued to make a name for himself. Following his EP release, NF has dropped 3 more albums, Mansion in 2015, Therapy Session in 2016, and most recently, Perception.  

NF simply has a voice that needs to be heard. He’s got a style and sound that has a slight Eminem feel to it, which may be what turned me on to him in the first place. You think you know rawness, and anger, and heartfelt sadness, and then you listen to Perception, and NF shows you the epitome of each and every feeling. From despair, to loneliness, to anger, to heartache. NF rips his heart open on every record he spills. You can hear it in his voice and in his words. Over the years, you hear see the growth of the rapper’s music and it’s been a lovely ascent.

The first track dropped from Perception was “Let You Down,” and its’ been on repeat in my car ever since. I put it on when I’m feeling emotional and stuck in my head. A lot of NF’s album is like that. It hits straight to the core of you and reminds you of all those feelings you buried. NF’s isn’t afraid to show his scars. That can be heard on at the beginning of the album with “Intro III”, which is one of the realest songs I’ve ever heard, and the BEST way an album has ever been started. Listening to this piano ballad, turned choir with NF talking to his past self is a real experience, and one that I want to relive over and over. It’s one of those songs that causes the goosebumps I was mentioning earlier. Then he follows with tracks like “Dream” and “Green Lights,” and if you aren’t already dedicated to listening to the remainder of the album, you should be by the time “My Life” comes on. Then “Remember This” will have you caught up in your thoughts far after the song has finished. NF then concludes Perception with “Outro,” which is the best conclusion, yet prelude to future music ever delivered in an album. NF’s on his way to the top, and Perception is just the beginning!