Old Fashioned Lover Boy: “Our Life Will Be Made Of Simple Things” Album Review

Written By: Ethan Griggs

My Music: ethangriggsmusic.virb.com

If you live in America and you were to hear the music of Alessandro Panzeri, professionally known as Old Fashioned Lover Boy, you would have no idea that he’s not from the United States or any other English speaking country. English songwriting is presented with the language at near perfection on the Italian artist’s sophomore album, “Our Life Will Be Made Of Simple Things”, released last November on Italy’s Ghost Records.

Like his 2015 debut The Iceberg Theory, Panzeri gives the listener a beautiful blend of alternative and folk with mild electronic tendencies on the release – a sound that Americans, Brits, and Australians will all relate to and recognize. Old Fashioned Lover Boy could be looked at the European version of Local Natives, or a Bon Iver who emerged from the Piedmont region rather than backwoods Wisconsin, and it’s paired with gigantic production that can be found on the best U2 records.

At a short and sweet thirty-one minutes, “Our Life…” gains its accolades not just from those mellow rockers, but also from things more spacey like Radiohead and Tame Impala (in Panzeri’s vocals especially) all the way to the soft rock of the 60’s – like the Beatles circa Rubber Soul and Bread. Panzeri even stated that he wanted a “George Martin” sound for this record, and the influences definitely shows on the stellar album opener “Bowling Green” and the sweetly acoustic ear candy of the album’s closer “From Grace”, which sounds like Panzeri’s version of “Yesterday.”   Is the title of the free and floating “Macca” and it’s misty, solo-McCartney production merely a coincidence? Lyrically, the album deals with themes of old fashioned love, fittingly, and the simplicity of such things.

On the standout track and single “Oh My Love”, Panzeri ponders one of the most basic elements of life – the affection one has towards another. In his own words describing the album, Panzeri says, “It is my personal tale dedicated to the beauty of simple things. It represents the end of the obstinate pursuit of happiness through an endless escape. It is about the great self-fulfillment that comes from putting down your roots, settling down and taking pleasure in small achievements, like the love and affection of a partner, your family and lifetime friends, the great journey to return to your spiritual home and it celebrates the beautiful melancholy of life”. On Our Life Will Be Made Of Simple Things, Alessandro Panzeri celebrates things that are simple, yes; but he also is able to convince the listener that the simple things in life are also the most essential.