#42 Interview W/ Espinoza and Music Mix 8

Podcast 42 I had the pleasure of interviewing Espinoza, a electronic, ambient, and experimental artist from Spain. In addition to hearing tracks from him you will hear a mix of tracks from albums reviewed on rainbowexoticmusic.com.



Songs Played:

Espinoza – TSOP-dis

Espinoza- Kits Redux bdc-B

Kraftwerk- The Robots

Pharmakon- Transmission

Elucid- looking for all to be rendered

Visible Cloaks- Terrazzo ft Motion Graphics

Ziur- Himalaya

Auterkeia- Radar

Spoek Mathambo- Landed ft Loui Lvndn 

Baruch Spinoza clip- The School of Life: “Philosophy-Baruch Spinoza”

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