Q-Boy: “Qing” EP Review

Written By: Sean Bardoo 

Instagram: @seanbproduction

The world that we live in is very judgmental and at times extremely bias.  Society continues to label and put people in categorizes without getting to know them creating prejudice and discrimination. One good example of this is the phrase “coming out” as it is often used to categorize aspects of lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons’ experiences.  It’s no wonder that many people hesitate to come out because of the risks of meeting prejudice and discrimination.  Some choose to keep their identity a secret; some choose to come out in limited circumstances; some decide to come out in very public ways.  

One United Kingdom (UK) Artist has from day one never hidden his sexual identity.  Instead he openly embraces his sexuality for the entire world to know.  This incredible Artist goes by the Show biz stage name of Q-Boy and whose birth name is Marcos Jose Brito.   He is a rapper, producer, DJ, writer and presenter.  In the past he also worked as a journalist and editor, and one of the few out rappers in hip-hop that became pioneers of the new subgenre colloquially known as “homo hop”. Q-Boy has interviewed many famous artists such as; Salt-N-Pepa, Princess Superstar, Beverley Knight, Blu Cantrell, and many more.

His newest Album named Qing is a visual EP of five music videos.  Q-Boy openly shares his challenges to the public of his struggles like so many other gay individuals often experience accepting their identity.  He must be applauded for sharing and educating audiences as coming out is often an important psychological step for lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and transgendered people.  Research has shown that feeling positively about one’s sexual orientation and integrating it into one’s life fosters greater well-being and mental health. This integration often involves disclosing one’s identity to others; it may also entail participating in the gay community. Being able to discuss one’s sexual orientation with others also increases the availability of social support, which is crucial to mental health and psychological well-being.

These two tracks on the Album truly captivated my undivided interest:  


This song is all so sexual in nature this is not music for the under-aged because it features the law of attraction through explicit lyrics.  As society and stereotypes say being queer means pushing the parameters of sex provocativeness, and in the process, getting sexual gratification with hooking up with random strangers.  It gives the false illusion that in the gay world the only real criterion of value is physical attractiveness…Because homosexuals will find that homosexual individuals often only care for each other as a sexual object.  A good example of this can be through interpretation that although they may invite him out to dinner and give him a place to stay, when they have satisfied their sexual interest in him, they will likely forget about his existence and his own personal needs. Since the sole criterion of value in the homosexual world; is physical attractiveness, dressing sexual, being handsome as in gay life is like being a millionaire in a community where wealth is the only criterion of value.  




The lyrics sing about losing something or someone.   This can be seen as it probably relates to feelings about a lost opportunity, something that you have forgotten that you need to remember, or the loss of an important personal quality like confidence or virginity.  Furthermore, the songs indicates that being lost is linked with feelings of confusion, lack of direction or conflict, of not understanding what is involved in the present situation you are in.  This can be viewed as lost in time as lost feeling arises because there are issues or changes in your life you have not acknowledged or do not want to acknowledge.



Overall this is a very powerful Album that I highly recommend for adult audiences.  Because it may not be appropriate for under aged audiences due to the sexual overture of Q-Boys lyrics and messages.  As he is very upfront and transparent with his contents, because like heterosexuals, gay men benefit from being able to share their lives with each other and receive support from family, friends and acquaintances. Thus, it is not surprising that this Album is the real deal as Q-Boy doesn’t sugar coat how he feels or conceal his sexual orientation as an openly gay man and more as an Artist.   

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