Quay Dash: “Transphobic” EP Review

Written By: Kayleigh King

Twitter: @TheKleeWord

‘Transphobic’ is the 2016 EP offering from the sublime Quay Dash. The EP dropped in 2016, which as you probably know has been named as the deadliest year for trans people in America so it feels like an aptly titled release from the transgender artist. There was a second release in beginning of July, 2017 with an added track.   The EP is unapologetic angry and rightly so, showcasing Quay Dash as a talented superstar in her own right. As her track declares, she is the ‘Queen of NY’, a title she deserves. The track as well as the EP is nowhere near humble, because what is the point? Her talent is blatant, as is her Brooklyn flavor and inspiration.

In places, tracks are reminiscent of peak Lil’ Kim, but Quay Dash’s style is completely stand-alone.  This style is showcased to the max on the track ‘Wilin”. The entire track feels like a huge middle finger to haters, and that is something I can get behind. Wonderfully explicit, each word is weaved wonderfully in front of a simple repetitive backing track. Produced by Celestial Trax and Orlando Vocano the track is simple in it’s elegance, it doesn’t try to add too many layers. The vocals are enough, Quay Dash doesn’t need added extras. She is the full package.

The tracks allude to the harsh, deprived upbringing of Quay Dash, but doesn’t linger and induce discomfort. The bravado and bragging doesn’t feel like a barrier from the truth. It feels honest. Quay Dash is superb, and she knows it. But more importantly, her music backs her up. ‘Squared Toe Leather Boot’ feels like the most most aggressive track, slanting towards a more ominous overtone.

‘Transphobic’ got its second wing in the form of a second release by the London underground label, Perth Records. This release added the track ‘Bossed Up’ to the original list of 5 tracks. It is not a weak addition. It feels like it fits in perfectly, and it was a genius move to add it. I felt that it stirs a little of my musical memories for the early 2000’s, all good memories of course.

Quay Dash is a talent and deserves to be recognized as a warrior queen, whose influence extends far beyond the listener’s ears. I won’t put her in a box and label her, she knows who she is and the world is about to find out too.‘Transphobic’ is available now, and it serves as a slight antidote to the rampant circulation of political agenda and fear.