Rezz: “Mass Manipulation” Album Review

Written By: Sam Marshall 

Promising debut album falls short.

Originality: (2 / 5)
Vocals/Flow: (3 / 5)
Production: (4 / 5)
Average: (3 / 5)

DJ and Producer Rezz was discovered a couple of years ago, and this year released her debut album, Mass Manipulation.

Unfortunately, I have been reviewing a lot of electronic music recently, and this album really falls short in comparison to everything that is out there at the moment. I think that there are two main reasons for this. The number one reason being the influx of electronic music similar to this over the last 10 years. If this had come out in 2007 then it would probably sound better than it does today. The problem is that this kind of music has moved on, and this just sounds pre-2010. At least with something like BlackGummy, or JOYRYDE they are original enough to stand up on their own whilst still having some elements of pre-2010.

One good part about the album is the Deadmau5 input. Rezz is signed to his label, mau5trap, and you can really hear his production on the record. The clean neat sound is so crisp that it really can only be one person. The problem is, however, that this is where it ends. None of the tracks on the album seem to have any range or fluctuation to themselves whatsoever, and the whole thing kind of works like a static electronic drumbeat. It doesn’t just stop here either; there is no dynamic range, barely any shift from the middle ground that the album opens in with “Relax”.

For me, “Relax” is the best song on the record, and is a great opening to the album. It has a really cool hypnosis voice-over, which sounds really cool and somewhat creepy against the electronics. Other than this, however, the album seems to yearn towards another sound that it never fully reaches. There are times where you really think it is going to go creepy contemporary horror soundtrack, think John Murphy’s 28 Days Later, Aphex Twin, or Clubbed to Death from the Matrix. But it never gets there. Instead it wobbles around in the basic middleground.

I think there will be better stuff to come from Rezz; if you look at the visual art on the Mass Manipulation cover, or the video for “Relax”, then you really see some cool concept and ideas that just never really get fully realized on the album.