Robyn: “Body Talk” Album Review

Written By: Aaron Snyder

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“Body Talk” by Robyn is has become a mainstay of gay clubs across the nation for good reason. Robyn, who gained mainstream success in the mid 90’s as a Swedish, pseudo-R&B artist that released a few subsequent albums that weren’t as commercially successful as her initial album. “Body Talk” in 2010, however, received some radio station play, and seems to be prevalent in gay bars across the US. In addition to the full length album, there are two smaller albums that have the full versions of the songs called “Body Talk, Part 1” and “Body Talk, Part 2”. All of them are worth listening to, and I’ll be talking about all of them.

The album is very electronic, with a lot of heavy 808 drum in the background with lots of electronic overlay. It’s incredibly dance-y. “Dancing on my Own” kicks off the album with a heavy synth and drum beat that commands you onto the dance floor. The lyrics about seeing someone you used to date and pleading for their attention, but not getting it. Something all us queens can relate to. This breakup she went through is a very central theme throughout this album. Upbeat songs about heartbreak. What else could you want from an album?

“Body Talk” itself is a little repetitive, as most dance music is, but the songs themselves will keep you dancing. “Cry When you Get Older” from Part 1 of the album is my favorite song that didn’t make it on to the commercial record. The song’s down-tempo beat combined with lyrics that hit really close to home (maybe that’s just where I’m at right now) make me want to listen to this album on repeat for the rest of my life. The other song that makes me feel this way is “Call Your Girlfriend”, which makes me want to dance like no one is watching no matter where I am. Her collaboration with Snoop Dog on “U Should Know Better” is on point, and probably the best song when you’re really feeling how great you are.

The whole album builds on itself, but by the end, you’re ready for it to be done, which is perfect. “Stars” is a great end to the album, and really seals the deal on the commercial album. There are a few must listen to songs that are not on the commercial album, but are in parts 1 and 2. Make sure you head over to your favorite music streaming service and listen to “Criminal Intent” and the acoustic version of “Hang with Me” (and have tissues handy, cause you’re going to get hardcore feels with that last one).

From slow jams to upbeat dances, this is pretty much the only album you should be dancing to or starting off a party with. If you’re looking for something that is universally liked, this is your album.

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