RuPaul: “Butch Queen”Album Review

Written by:  Sean Bardoo from Seanbproductions   

RuPaul is an actor, singer, model, and legendary drag queen.  In 1993, he made history as the first drag queen to become an international popstar, celebrity sensation for the album “Supermodel of the World” which is well known in many dance clubs especially in the gay community.  RuPaul is adorned and loved by fans for his fun free, non-judgmental attitude that loves and accepts everyone.  He is famous for gender-bender pronouns used to address him, as both “he” and “she” have been used interchangeably and acceptable, as mentioned in his autobiography: ”

His album released on March 4th, 2016, “Butch Queen,” does not disappoint die-hard fans as it is truly one of his best electrifying, powerful and iconic projects.  This album is comprised of 12 tracks with many great guest artist features including, Ellis Miah, Ts Madison and Taylor Dayne, among others except for track 2 “You wear it well” his only solo.  One of the most recognizable Duos is with singer Taylor Dayne, who is famous for her 80’s dance hits appears on track 8 “Be Someone” helps keep RuPaul dance theme relevant, and re-introduced to new fans, in an electric dance club hypnotized vibe.  His notable signature trademark chuckle, and laughter that we love and know are blue-printed ousting out effortlessly throughout this entire album in a fun catchy melody of eclipses.           

The tracks are all repeatedly full of contagious dance beats with infectious tunes and messages.  We are frozen and taken back in time to an Era that first made RuPaul famous and a recognizable household name within the hearts of everyone for inspiring us to be true to our own identity.  He continues to remain a strong force in the industry keeping the fire blazing hot, igniting trends, and teaching us to accept ourselves.  This is apparent everywhere through his iconic Supermodel Diva, fierce attitude in many of the lyrics that reminds us why he is a true inspiration and powerhouse iconic legend.  His words of love are uplifting and re-energizing to the desperate throughout the tracks all continues to resonate with so many of us.  As his musical messages is for everyone from all walks of life, through his recognizable humor and attitude, allows us to be transparent, open-minded, and respectful to everyone regardless of sexuality, gender or race.  This helps boost our self-confidence, within undiverse communities; especially misunderstood individuals of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer and Transgendered communities find a niche.   

As this new album closely resembles everything we first loved about RuPaul now in “Butch Queen” that gave so many hope and renewed dreams of inspiration that first captivated so many gay audiences in shocking groves by storm.  

So it’s no big shock that the album is written so well done, and received as a “Must Have, Listen, and Purchase choice for so many of his followers”.  His theme is influenced on so much of what first made him famous through fashion, dance and drag, and catchy dance beats we all love as we get repeatedly hooked from the all-round raucous sounds.  This is a highly recommended Album that you must listen to and buy for the dance-hearted.