Sabrina Claudio: “About Time” Album Review

Written By: Brandon Basile 

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Tender Vibrations

Originality: (4.0 / 5)
Vocals/Flow: (5.0 / 5)
Lyrics: (4.0 / 5)
Production: (5.0 / 5)
Average: (4.5 / 5)

When everyone male and female is trying to be hard and gutta gutta gangsta gangsta nowadays it makes you wonder where’s the softer side of life.  Even the most popular female R&B artists are out here waving their #Savage flags and the like femininity feels more likely to say “fuck you” than to feel you.  Not much is known about the soothing songstress from Los Angeles, Sabrina Claudio, but her #feels will give you all the knowing you need.  She’s made a fast climb up the charts in 2016 with her singles “Unravel Me” and “Belong To You” from her Comfortably Lost EP released in March 2017. On October 5th, 2017 Claudio released her first digital mixtape About Time with some songs from the Comfortably Lost EP plus more smooth lush vibes for your listening pleasure.  If you’re looking in the mood for tender relaxing vibes Sabrina is bringing the chill but with plenty of warmth. Grab a cup of tea or strip down to your bare skin because she’s got something for you to feel.

Though it is not on the About Time release “Comfortably Lost” from the EP of the same title is definitely a track worth checking out. It set the tone for the the electro-trip-R&B vibes that Sabrina has continued to expand on.  The songstress’ production uses some electronic sampling and looping tapestries similar to that of Alina Baraz & Galimatias, but Claudio sings with a high range more attune to falsetto tones than the smooth raspiness of Alina Baraz.  Though polished and modern, there are actually a lot less complexities to the production than one would expect from other modern music acts.  Claudio’s About Time feels technologically enhanced, but still very organic and natural.

The song “Natural” is exemplary of the romantic sentiments of her music as she sings about love “I’m quickly falling and it feels natural”.  “Unravel Me” and “Belong To You” are the only two tracks from the Comfortably Lost EP that made it to About Time and are definitely sexy smooth vibes for relaxing and cuddling your boo-thang warmly.  Sabrina Claudio definitely seems to be a deep lover at heart and About Time gives modern iterations of classic and timeless romance sentiments.  But hey, #TrippyMane is still the wave, word to Juicy J, and Sabrina has the mellow grooves for you to relax and blow smoke to. “Frozen” and “We Have Time” are about holding that loving moment longer in your arms, but “Used To” and “Wait” are more upbeat jams in line with the latin/afrobeat grooves of Drake’s More Life dance rhythms.

“I used to lose myself so I could find you quicker / I used to lose myself so I could love you better” Sabrina sings on “Used To”.  If Sabrina Claudio had to be Comfortably Lost first before finding herself to make About Time then let that be a life lesson to all of us.  Claudio delivers well written lyrics and vocals coated with warmth.  The version of “Belong To You” on About Time features Hip-Hop/R&B artist 6lack who she will soon be touring with.  Sabrina Claudio has refreshing and organic flavors for our mainstream ears and we are definitely here for it.