Shinobi Ninja: “Bless Up” Album Review

Written By: Kayleigh King

Twitter: @TheKleeWord

Well, I will try to get through this review without swearing with glee. This offering from Shinobi Ninja is pure freaking magic, there is no other word for it. The American alternative rock band, hails from Brooklyn and I could not be further in musical lust with them if I tried. Their sound is pure rock, yet swirled with such a mix of other styles predominately hip hop that comes together seamlessly to give you an eargasm you’ll never forget. I have vaguely heard of Shinobi Ninja before, but not enough to be able to name a song or properly place them. Listening to Bless Up has only made me hungry for more.

I won’t lie. This album had me feeling a little bit nostalgic for my rocker days. The music was everything I used to love, and it seems I still love it. ‘Bang Bang’ had me rocking and singing along from the first listen. Baby G (lead vocals) is a goddess and every song showcases her talent, but the quality is more central on this track. Not to stray into anything political, but there are not a lot of bands like this that like to showcase a female voice. Shinobi Ninja does this in a wonderful way. She is utilized to perfection on every track, up front and central where her stunning vocals are needed, but sometimes used as backing to layer up the sound to the best that it can be.

A strong track, is ‘Programmable Animal’. The vocals seem almost simple, but layer up of exquisite guitar to build to a track that has a smattering of electronica but a fierce rock backbone.‘Places To Go’ has to have an honourable mention from me. This track was put on repeat for a few hours after I first listened to it. The vibe is playful, with a funky almost jazzy sound with hints of hip hop for good measure. I listened to the song on a ridiculously long car ride and I enjoyed every minute.

‘Dancing In The Crowd’ has a slightly more laid back vibe to the rest of the album and its strong vocal performances and fantastic music are a strong way to end the album. The track is a very understated showstopper.

Excuse me while I go find their entire back catalogue, lock myself in my bedroom and look for tickets to the closest performance. Get ‘Bless Up’ now!!