Skunk Anansie: “Anarchytecture” Album Review

Written By: Fletcher Bonin 

Skunk Anansie’s latest album Anarchytecture is exactly what it sounds like. Perfectly ordered anarchy recorded into eleven pure tracks. Lead singer Skin’s soaring tenor vocals command every song in the unique style that has made Skunk Anansie famous. The British rock band somehow combines heavy metal themes with a sound reminiscent of the 80’s with the grungy Brit-rock scene on this album, forging their own identity and defying classification along the way. Indeed, Skin has claimed that Skunk Anansie’s style can only be described as ‘clit-rock’, a victorious and powerful amalgam of steadily struck guitar chords and black feminist rage.

The band’s songs off this latest album feature intense, rhythmic drum hits, screaming guitar chords and the sultry, calling voice of Skin. They achieve this signature style especially on the pulsating beat of the track “Victim.” Also, tracks like “Beauty Is Your Curse” is pure, soul-pleasing rock and roll, the lyrics calling prophetically “beauty is your curse, it all starts slipping away, every single day.” This, as with many of the songs off Anarchytecture imbibes truth and passion into every lyric culminating in powerful, imploring ballads of love, pain, loss, rage, victory and so much more.

The tracks “Death to Lovers” and “I’ll Let You Down” offer a departure from Skunk Anansie’s usual hard-hitting, dangerous-sounding style. Both these tracks are soulful, personal, emotional and beautiful, brought to fruition by Skin’s pleading, dripping, sultry voice. On “Death to Lovers”, Skin sings “darkness comes I feel magnificent” and we find ourselves yearning for a great something that cannot be found. Skin’s voice perfectly harmonizes with the steadily plucked guitar and mellow drum hits. This is clearly different from their usual score, which ‘Bullets’ embodies perfectly with its heavy, angry tone.

Anarchytecture implores and even forces you to feel. Now we remember why we were so excited for Skunk Anansie to get back together back in 2009. This is music that unites old rock sounds with current themes and emotions.