St. South: “Nervous Energy” Album Review

Written By: Aaron Snyder

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram: @fishkeeper1011

St. South’s Mellow, relaxed music is one of my favorite go-to’s for winding down at the end of the day. My first introduction to them was “Slacks” when it came across my Spotify recommended playlist, and I haven’t looked back since (even though there’s only been like 4 songs published from them). St. South is the Australia-based solo project of Olivia Gavranich, who has recently jumped the gap from folk music to integrating electronic production into their folk music. St. South’s music is typically a mix of reworked songs from other artists with an original spin on them. Their debut EP “Nervous Energy” is a 5 song collection of delightfully chill music. Their simple, dialed back beats and easy going lyrics almost whispered over the top are simply unmatched.

The five song collection really peaks with “Why Wait” a song mournfully sung over top of a simple 808 beat and really dialed back synth. The breathy vocals, which seem to be very much a St. Slacks signature in most of their songs, talk about finding comfort in another person. The simple percussion highlights the piano in the background. It’s strong while not being too powerful.

“Swim” is a fun departure from their usual sound. Upbeat and fast, it’s bouncy vocals and fast pacing is on point. It’s a refreshing up-pace song right in the middle of the album, and helps balance an otherwise almost too chill album. One of my favorite lines is “Our love is like an ocean/But I can’t swim”. All the feels.

On the whole this album is more of the same from St. South. Their strengths are seen, the breathy vocals, the slow, chill beat, and relaxing vibes that will fill your house when you play this album on your stereo. Or Alexa, your boombox, or whatever you kids are listening to music on these days.

The EP leaves me seriously excited to see what else St. South has in their back pocket to produce. I think that a full length album would be incredibly exciting to hear.