Syd: “Fin” Album Review

Written By: Fletcher Bonin

Twitter: @Chillennials321

Until now, Syd was known more from her associated acts than from her solo projects. One of the original members of both rap collaborative Odd Future as well as The Internet, Syd is a mainstay of the west coast R&B and rap sound. That being said, her latest solo album Fin is certainly setting the bar high as far as her solo career. All twelve tracks are dripping with sultry smooth vocals and electronic, futuristic backbeats. Fin is complex and emotional, uncharacteristic of her past work, but this change is certainly welcome, as it seems we are privileged to learn more about Syd herself. Syd proves equally talented in both rap and R&B genres on this album, spitting nonchalantly on some tracks while singing demurely on others.

The song ‘Body’, originally released as a single, quickly became popular and even found its way onto a few charts. The song is subtle and controlled and yet saturated with passion and romance. She sings, in her signature sensual vocals, “drinking your glass, you drinking it fast, I’m watching you dance, you’re watching my hands, throw it back babe, give it to me, don’t hold back babe” and goes on to sing “the bed is your stage.” In no uncertain terms, Syd is describing an erotic romance in passionate detail. She pulls us in with her almost whispering, intimate tone. This song belongs on every bedroom playlist, ever.

While ‘Body’ will certainly leave you feeling some type of way, my favorite track is ‘No Complaints’. This track is more upbeat and features Syd’s rapping prowess. Her crawling vocals trip deliberately along a synthetic backbeat. She raps, “Frontin’ on some bitches in a wagon, I’ma make this money for the ones who never had it” and later “I would tell you that I am the greatest, but you knew that, I’m the one your girl been postin’ tweets about.” At only a minute and thirteen seconds long, this track ends all too soon.

Luckily, Syd provides us with yet another taste of her rapping ability on the song ‘Over’, another favorite of mine. This song also bears the one feature of the album with the addition of 6LACK, who complements Syd’s unique sound perfectly. As Syd shows a more sincere side on Fin, one thing becomes clear in the first minutes of the album: Syd the solo act is here to say.