Tacocat: “Lost Time” Album Review

Written By: Mandi Lauren Nowitz

Twitter: @3icecubes

Tacocat is a Seattle-based band, made up of Emily Nokes, Bree McKenna, Lelah Maupin, and Eric Randall, who made our top LGBTQ+ albums and top tracks list for 2016. and they pride their music on having strong feminist themes. Per their website, the band loves “candy, Hondas, the Mariners, Ramones, tacos, cats, weed, the Go-Gos, cheer wine, feminist sci-fi, touring the land in a rock n’ roll band, each other, and you.” That’s pretty descriptive but what’s cheer wine? Who cares because they love tacos and they love me and that makes me very happy, as does their music. The quartet identifies themselves as pop-punk and it is clear from looking at them that they are just having a great time, singing about what really matters to them and also designing the art that they share.

“Lost Time” is the album that has cemented Tacocat as one of their must hear albums and it is very clear from the twelve tracks that they could find their place in angry-girl rock during a time when women’s rights are up for grabs and music lovers are looking for something political to believe in. “I Hate the Weekend” was the track that I was most curious about because who hates weekends except for people who work on the weekends? When the music comes on, you can clearly tell that the early eighties had an impact on them, as they mentioned that they love the Go-Gos. It is very “We Got the Beat” in its own way. “The neighborhood walks home afraid. Cause they were made for the working stiff. With a two day fun permit. Let loose like your life depends on it.” Wow, it is so true; it is the one time during each week where you really have nothing to be accountable for, places stay open later and plans are made. Now, I hate the weekends too because I should not be limited to just two days!

“Plan A, Plan B” is like Hole without the anger. It’s anthem rock, as I would like to call it, simply because there is something identifiable in every song and they aim to make a statement. The title of this song is exactly what it is about: taking Plan B, an emergency contraception pill but it is taking away some of the shame and the stigma. “Forgot to take a pill. No big deal. I don’t think it’s got that sex appeal. But sure enough. He can keep up. Calls your bluff. Try your best. Had safe sex. Faulty latex. Someone that you worked with. Had a stupid class with. Now it’s time to panic.” Hey, even Tacocat knows that shit happens. This is what I love so much about “Lost Time.” Tacocat is so genuine in what they are singing about and are true to themselves, even when the subject seems taboo. We do not see that much anymore from artists and I think that it is something to be savored. So if you want real talk in real music, pick up this album now!